Super Bowl Weekend Store Special

Super Growler Weekend

Trade any glass growler from any brewery for a glass White Birch Growler

Super Bowl Weekend is here! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Getting together with friends, getting the beer for the game and all that great football food. Well, I want to do my part to make sure the weekend is great. So the first thing I’m going to offer is to swap any growler from any brewery for a White Birch Growler. This will let you then just pay for the beer fill instead of glass and the beer.

The fine print

The maximum value of this trade is $8. That is what I charge for a new growler. Whatever you paid for your growler whenever you got it doesn’t matter to me. So that $25 swing top growler you got years ago is still just worth $8 in this deal.

To ensure my supply of growlers makes it through Saturday I’m putting a two growler swap limit per person.

This deal will only last as long as my supplies last. If we run out of growlers to exchange then I’m out.

Growlers from other breweries exchanged for a White Birch growler will not be saved to be swapped back at a later date. I may keep some for my collection but the rest will be recycled. Again, that $25 swing top growler is only worth $8 and won’t be saved.

Super Growler Fans

Let’s hook up the regulars that make the brewery growler program sweet.

Let’s face it, you’ve got the growler and you’ve been by a few times to enough that we know you. You rock. So for this weekend I’m offering 10% off all growler fills for existing customers. Want to buy two? Well then that’s 15% off. Buy 6 total items – aka a growler or two and bottles? Then it’s 20% off for you.

What’s on tap at the brewery

We’ll have 5 items on tap this weekend
Belgian Style Pale ale
Hop Session
Double IPA
Tavern Ale

To clear a line I’m going to fill the few growlers left in the Small Batch Oaked Wee Heavy keg and the partial Indulgence keg. They’ll be in the fridge by the corner of indecision

What’s in bottles at the brewery?

Bottles Rock too!

Belgian Style Pale ale
Hop Session
Double IPA – less than a case
Tavern Ale
Indulgence – less than a case
Small Batch Imperial IPA
Ol’Cattywhompus – less than a case
Anniversary 5 – less than a case
Berliner Weisse
Phoenix Ale
Small Batch Left Handed Flanders – sour barrel aged stout
Hooksett Ale – last batch ever. We’re retiring this beer
Small Batch Oaked Wee Heavy
Farmhouse Red – close out sale $3 per bottle

I hope you enjoy this Super weekend. Thanks for the continued support.



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2015 – Lineup update and other thoughts

Wow, it’s January 11th as I write this. Time is flying! We have a lot going on and it’s all thanks to you and your continuous support of our brewery. Before too much time goes by I thought I’d highlight some updates for you:

2015 Lineup
We’ve made some changes. Due to demand our flagship lineup is now:
Belgian Style Pale ale
Hop Session
Berliner Weisse
Blueberry Berliner Weisse
Raspberry Berliner Weisse
Double IPA
Imperial Red IPA (coming soon)

Our winter lineup is now
Our Humble Porter
Tavern Ale

Too many updates still to do, and a ton already made today. If there’s something you want to see listed please let me know. Otherwise I’m going to try and catch up with the new stuff and some missing Small Batch efforts.

Keg Program
Yup, we’re now selling kegs at the brewery. Read here for all the details.

Brewery Store
We’re now featuring 12 beers at the store and some cool promotions. If you want the full skinny on what’s going on please feel free to join our email list. We don’t sell your info and we don’t inundate you with emails. Our policy is to only send you info if we think it’s worth reading.

Our store hours are updated as are our in store promotions and growler program details. Any questions send em to Samples are always free and our laid back store is always a fun visit.

There’s more to come, but I hope for today you like this update.



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Two New Small Batch beers this weekend & Special Growler Deal


Two New Small Batch beers this weekend

Small Batch Raspberry Berliner and Imperial Red IPA

I love this time of year. When the December crush of orders has been met I get to be creative. I love brewing and with a little extra time on the schedule I decided it was time to have some fun.

The Raspberry Berliner is a fun take on our favorite sour beer. Fermented with a great Raspberry Puree, this beer has an amazing flavor and nose of raspberries. It’s “crushable” per my friend who got to try a first bottle.

The Imperial Red IPA is a beautiful Cascade hop bomb. Lots of cascade and a blend of other hops set the stage for an 8 day dry hopping schedule. It’s 8.5% of hoppy goodness.

50% off the first 40 growlers of DIPA and BPA

Yes, you read that right!

I love the NFL playoffs. I love that our Pats are hosting Saturday. Let’s kick off the games right. I’m going to do my part. While supplies last, the first 40 growlers of DIPA and BPA are half off. That’s the first 40 on Friday and the first 40 on Saturday. The fine print:
1. This does count towards your free growler on the rewards program.
2. If you are getting a new growler (i.e. first time growler or new glass jug) it is still $8 for the glass, then the price of the beer.
3. There is no rain check on these prices. We’re a small brewery with finite supplies of beer.

Seriously, if you’ve been on the fence for a growler there’s no time like now to get your glass jug and start enjoying.

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New Years Growler Sale and Special Brewery Store Hours


New Years Growler Sale

$5 Growlers and open New Years Eve
You read that right. I’m putting Hop Session and Belgian Style Pale ale on sale for $5 a growler while supplies last through new years weekend. Please note, growler sale does not count in our 6 item or 12 item discount program but it does count towards your growler rewards program.

2014 has been an amazing year and I want to pay it forward to 2015. So dust off those growlers and get some great beer for the new year. Hope you enjoy this thank you from me and the White Birch team for all of your support this year.

Special Holiday Hours

Kick ass beer sale and extra hours?
You read that right too. We will be open the following hours leading up to new years:

Friday Dec 26th 12-6 pm
Saturday Desc 27th 12-4 pm
Wednesday Dec 31st 2-6 pm.

Hope you enjoy the extra day to pick up that growler or special bottle of holiday cheer

Thanks for the continued support Here’s to an even better 2015.



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