Wild Weekend at the brewery

Gotta love a wild weather week in New England. High 70′s on Monday, crazy rain on Tuesday and winter came back on Wednesday. In appreciation of all this wild weather I have two updates I think you’ll like:

Barrel Aged Sour Brown Ale in 12 oz bottles
Yup, you read that right. I’m trying something a little different. A brown ale aged over 16 months in barrels with a blend of our wild cultures. The results are a sour yet smooth drinking 6% abv brown ale. This treat is a one time beer and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. For the first time ever we’re releasing a beer in single 12 ounce bottles for $5 each.

Berliner Weisse growlers
Berliner Weisse shows up in our store for growlers this weekend. This first taste of our 2014 production release. We’ll tap one keg on Friday at noon and hope it lasts through Saturday. Bottles will be coming the following weekend along with more growler availability. If you missed our Small Batch Imperial Berliner a few weeks ago, I’d recommend you get your sour fix in and be here this weekend.

Hope you enjoy these special release and I hope you find your way to Hooksett for a variety of really fun beers. It’s going to be a great weekend indeed this weekend!


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This weekend at the brewery

It’s the first weekend of the month which means we’ve got some special growler only releases ready for you to enjoy at the brewery!

  • On Friday we’ll be tapping a one day old keg of Hooksett Ale. Hooksett Ale is our Belgian style IPA with flavors and aromas of citrus, vanilla and spice. This is a special beer that we can’t seem to make enough of these days. If you’ve never tried it or if it’s been a while stop by for a sample.
  • On Saturday we’ll be tapping a keg of our latest Small Batch Ale. This one is a collaboration with local homebrewers Michael Hauptly-Pierce and Doc Jones called Lithermans’ Crispy Cream Ale. The recipe is based on a classic Cream Ale but brewed with puffed rice ceral and rice syrup! It was made for a brewers dinner at High Street Farmhouse in Goffstown, NH back on March 25th, but we saved a keg to share with you. Stop by between noon and 2 p.m. and meet Michael and Doc to learn about what inspired this unique ale.

All weekend long we’ll also have fresh Hop Session on tap for growlers and samples. Also available to sample is our latest batch of Barrel Aged Tripel.

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Cooking blog update

Final plate

Did you know we have a Cooking with White Birch blog featuring recipes from Chef Josh Latham?

For March, Josh has just put together an Ol’ Cattywhompus Beef Short Ribs recipe. Sounds like the perfect weekend project to me!

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New beer release at the brewery this weekend!

Hello Friends,

It’s already March! Time flies, but given the weather in New Hampshire right now I wish it would fly a little faster to warmer days. Till then I have some great news about two new beers being released this weekend at the brewery.

  • Barrel Aged -Tripel
    We got our hands on two awesome French oak barrels that contained Apple Brandy for over 4 years. After trying the brandy myself (seriously it’s research) I decided the barrels would fit my Tripel beautifully. Fast forward a few months and I was right. This beer smells and tastes amazing! I’m so excited to bring this project back from the archive, we haven’t done a batch of Barrel Aged Tripel since 2010. We have about 500 bottles, but 24 of them are going straight to my cellar at home! We’ll be pouring samples this weekend at the brewery so please visit and see just why I like this beer so much. Barrel Aged Tripel is available at the brewery only while it lasts and in bottles only.
  • Small Batch Ale – Bill’s #41 Stout
    Each year for my birthday I like to brew something different. It’s a chance to try a new idea, push boundaries and just enjoy what I love to do. This winter has been so cold and so bitter that I thought a sessionable, very flavorful and hop forward stout would be the right ticket. We’ll have Small Batch Ale – Bill’s #41 Stout on tap as the first Friday of the month growler special and in bottles too. Total bottle count is estimated to be around 200. I say estimated as we’re bottling it as I type. It’s super fresh, balanced, but just a little hop forward. I hope you enjoy it!

The response to our small batch program has been phenomenal. Many of our releases don’t last more then a week. It’s exciting to see, but I know if you miss out it can be frustrating. So with these two batches I’ve ratcheted up the volume a bit. Hopefully this will give more of you the chance to visit the brewery and try these great beer.

Thank you for the continued interest and support of our brewery.

Bill Herlicka
Founder, White Birch Brewing

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