Growlers are back in Stock

Growlers are back in stock!

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I’m happy to say that we have growlers back in stock.  They look sweet and ready to do duty carrying beer in bulk back home to enjoy.  A huge thank you to everyone for their patience as we got these printed up.  Prices are still the same as they have always been.  $8 for the glass,$10 or $15 for the beer.  We’ll have Belgian Style Pale ale, Hop Session and Unforgettable ale on this weekend for growlers.
In related news growler amnesty is over
So I tried putting stickers on growlers for a few weeks.  I set up sanitizer up front to rinse growlers and had rolls of stickers to keep NH’s Liquor Commission happy.  All that being said here’s what I found:

1.  The loud hordes online advocating for growler fills in any container did not show en masse.
2.  I’m not thrilled with the extra time it takes to handle these growlers.  We don’t run a bar or restaurant here and as such we don’t have a large team at the counter.  Growlers are slow enough as each is filled upon request.  The swap and fill procedure is much faster and more convenient for everyone.
3.  I am not truly happy with the sanitizer approach.  I am much happier spending an hour or so out back cleaning growlers using a hot caustic, a rinse and then a sanitizer step.  Hot cleaning ensures a truly clean growler and I want my beer to go out in containers as good as we can get them.
4.  At the end of the day it’s not truly a White Birch Brewing branded growler.  My team and I have worked hard to establish what White Birch is about.  That extends from the beer to our labels, website, glassware, growlers, etc.  I find I’m not really happy putting stickers on other brand’s growlers.

I believe strongly in growlers being a great option for locals and those that the brewery is a convenient stop for.  A brewery fresh half gallon is a treat and I am going to keep it as such.  I’m sorry if this means I may loose a purchase or two but I hope you will continue to enjoy your favorite White Birch Brewing beers in a properly cleaned and branded White Birch Brewing growler.  Thank you to all who took part in this amnesty experiment.  I learned a lot.

Unforgettable Ale update

We have bottles of Unforgettable Ale at the brewery but they’re going quick.  We also are happy to announce that Grumpy’s Ale House in Reading MA will be getting a half barrel in support of their event with The David K. Johnson ( Reading MA), on the 18th of August.  Supporting a cure for Alzheimer’s and helping families affected.  All proceeds raised by The DKJ Foundation is donated to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, Sanborn Place Home Care & Day Services and the David and Susan Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund.  So if you want to go out for a fun time for a good cause here’s one that could be a fun night out.
As always, thank you for your continued interest in and support of White Birch Brewing.



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July 4th Weekend is upon us

Special Hours

Please note our hours have changed for the holiday weekend.  We will be open the following days and hours

  • Thursday – 4pm to 6pm
  • Friday – closed
  • Saturday 12pm to 4pm

More Great Info you really want to read is on the dedicated page.  Happy 4th of July to all!

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New Beers Friday June 27




TGIF!  Today finds a new beer on the shelf.  An apple brandy barrel aged hop session.  Beautifully balanced and a great follow-up to our Barrel Aged Tripel.   For $7 a bottle this is the deal of the weekend.  Also note the beautiful brown label on our small batch sour brown ale?  Yup, I went all out with the printers and got some sweet labels for the bottles.  So this batch is back on the shelf and still $5 a bottle.  Hope you enjoy.




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First Friday for June 2014

IMG_0508This months First Friday growler release is called Small Batch Ale: Almond Joy Brown. A collaboration between brewer Dave and sales guy Brian. It’t a light to medium bodied brown ale brewed with coconut and almond extract. Yes this beer contains shredded coconut and almond extract (incase you have an allergy). The coconut and almond flavors are subtle in the finish of this 4.8% abv beer.

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