Update for March 27

Growlers for the weekend? How’s this list
Hop Session
Blueberry Berliner
Oaked Wee Heavy – yup, made another batch.

Spring has sprung. Or something like that. It’s NH so good luck figuring out the weather. The good news though is we’ve got you covered. Hoppy to stout to malty to blueberry tart, there’s bound to be something to fit your tastes at the brewery this weekend. Please note the Small Batch Oaked Wee Heavy makes a return but labels are still on the way so this weekend is growlers only.

Mens Journal Lists our Nyx in the top 101 beers in America. It’s always nice to get noticed

I love to make beer and that I’ve been able to do this for almost 6 years is because you like what we do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice when a national industry publication feels our beer is great too. Here’s a link to the article if you would like to read it.


In appreciation of your support let’s make this a 15% off weekend. That’s right, come in and buy 2 or more items and you get 15% off your purchase.

** Please note, Nyx is a fall seasonal and long since sold out so no, there is no Nyx for this weekend.

April 2nd is the first Thursday of the month. We’re opening again on Thursdays!

After listening to a lot of feedback about our store schedule we’ve decided Thursday should come back. Starting April 2nd we’ll open the store from 4-7 on Thursday, 12-6 on Friday and 12-4 on Saturday.

Thank you for the continued interest in and support of our brewery. And keep that feedback coming. We do listen to and read all of our feedback.



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Hop Session Cans are finally ready!


Learning a new piece of equipment is hard. Drinking Hop Session from the can is easy.

Seems like as we grow we get better equipment that can do more. There should be fine print in 28 point font though. It should say “this equipment will work well once you’ve overcome all you think you know and realize the right way to work with this machine. Until then you’ll stress out, work harder than necessary and longer than necessary. Rinse, lather, repeat.”

I’m excited to finally have a 12 ounce six pack format. I’m even happier to announce the MSRP is $8.99.

Of course if you know me you know I prefer to avoid pennies so six packs will be $9.00 at the brewery store. No purchase limits, no lines, no games. Just a great beer at a great price. Hope you enjoy.

Growler Selection 3-13

I hope you like this list
Phoenix ale
Tavern Ale
Small Batch Bill’s 42
Hop Session

Please note, the Small Batch Bill’s 42 was a monster to make. I hadn’t planned on doing growlers but after hearing from so many last weekend that wished we had it on growler I decided to not release the keg I have to distribution and put it on for growler. I try hard to hold my prices at $10 or $15 for growlers but this will be $20 due to the higher costs to put this together.

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Part time help wanted

We’re going to add Thursdays back to our store schedule. To do that though we need to hire someone to run the store. To run the store you don’t have to be a cicerone, homebrewer or beer expert. We’ll teach you about the White Birch lineup. So, if you’re looking for a part time job, detail oriented, like talking to people and enjoy craft beer we’d like to meet you. Email us at contactus@whitebirchbrewing.com to set up an interview.

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New Beers for March 6th and a Canning update

030615New Beer March 6th

First Sparrow
The return of our grodziskie is just in time for spring. It will be spring one of these days I promise. This smoked wheat has a nice noble hop note, balanced smoke and a fruity quality from the wheat. $5 a bottle

Small Batch Son of Ned the Red
Sour fans have spoken. Another batch of Ned the Red has been made. You keep this up and I’ll have to find a place in the lineup for this sour red gem. $5 a bottle

Small Batch Bill’s 42
Every year for my birthday I brew a beer. It’s been a tradition since 1995. Doesn’t seem that long ago till I say it out loud. Regardless, I still enjoy pushing boundaries on my birthday beers. This year I decided an imperial stout with a rum oaked aging would be tasty. I hope you think so too. $9 a bottle

Last call for Phoenix ale

Last keg and cases are on deck. I’ve been saving a keg of Phoenix for growlers and now seems like a good day to put it on. I had intended for at least 6 cases to go with the last growler keg but you all hit the store hard last weekend so I only have 2 cases of bottles and it’s all gone. Glad everyone’s been enjoying the second batch.

Canning update

We’re circling the airport waiting to land. So I’ve learned a lot about canning this week. Micrometers, fat seams, low seams and suffice to say I’ve got a cranky seamer. It’s got to be right so the cans hold up as we all expect. I’ve got a tech here now and another senior tech coming on Saturday. We’ll get this running but it’s now 2 days behind schedule. So my track record is unbroken. Every new piece of equipment is a pain in the %$#@ to get going. I will update you once we’re live and then we’ll all share a drink and laugh. Till then, thank you for the continued interest in the next phase of White Birch Brewing.



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