Founder Bill Herlicka

Bill started brewing since 1994.  Belgian beers….  Dubbels, Tripels, Quads, experimental Belgian strong ales, Belgian strong dark ales, hoppy ales, he tried all sorts of variations.  It’s amazing what Belgian yeasts can be coaxed to do with a little direction and motivation.

After fifteen years brewing for himself, family and friends, he decided to take his recipes to the commercial market!

Bill’s Thoughts on serving temps:
Over the years I’ve built a modest beer cellar reflecting my interests in beer.  Not only do I find it fun to see how a beer matures over time,  I have found that I prefer my beers served between 55 and 60 degrees and enjoyed as they come up to room temp.  I find this really helps show the full range of flavors and aromas in a beer.  I take this consideration into mind when I design my beers as well.  The refrigerator is only used for regular ales or lagers that I’m serving during summer.

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