Apprentice Program

Update November 9, 2014

I’ve come to the conclusion at this time that the apprentice program is going to be closed.  With the brew schedule I’m running and the changes coming in Q1, there’s not the time to run this program as I had in the past.  The work is fast paced and exacting.  It’s a pace and process that only makes sense if you are doing it daily.

If you are looking to get into brewing I’d offer this for advice.  Network.  Go to breweries and meet the staff.  Take the tour if they offer one and talk to the brewer(s).  Don’t try to prove how awesome you are at homebrewing, or how much you know about brewing, rather talk and see if there are common interests.  If a brewery has events and needs help then offer to help.  Being familiar and looked at in a positive way, regardless of what the work was is a great way to be considered if a position opens.

I recognize that with the amazing growth in licensed breweries over the past two years and what looks like an unprecedented number coming online over the next year, it may seem like there should be a ton of jobs that need to be filled.  The reality is many of the breweries that are starting up are modest budgets with owners bearing the bulk of the workload due to the high costs of starting up.  These breweries (brewpub, manufacturer or nano) are learning how to become production facilities and what that means to them.  Adding staff is a decision that is a big decision and often deliberated for a long time.  Going back to networking and being known as a positive person as noted above is a good way to be first to contacted when a position opens.

I hope this helps.  Thank you for the continued interest in White Birch Brewing.


Our Apprentice Beers:

  • Aloha - Matt McComish is our first brewer apprentice. For Matt’s professional debut he choose to brew a Wit.
  • Natasha - Mike Boulerice, our second brewer apprentice, brings us Natasha: an Oak Aged Imperial Stout.
  • Nyx - Adam Romanow is our third brewer apprentice. His release is an exploration into a newer beer style, the Black IPA.
  • Camp Travis - With this release by Benjamin Martin, our fourth brewer apprentice, we think we have the ultimate fireside camp beer.
  • Deviant Monk - With this release by David Sakolsky, our fifth brewer apprentice, we bring you an inspired ale.
  • Colonial Ale - With this release by Christian Weber, our sixth brewer apprentice, we take you back in time.
  • Eorna Ceol Ale - With this release by Justin Umlah, our seventh brewer apprentice, we bring you his take on a Scottish Style Wee Heavy.
  • First Tracks - John Cataldo is our eight apprentice brewer. For his release he brewed a Weizenbock.
  • Jasmine - Kate Wallace is our ninth apprentice brewer and also our first female apprentice. For her release she’s brewed a Belgian style ale with jasmine flowers.
  • Patersbier – Our tenth apprentice brewer is Kerry Walker who drove from Albany, NY through the winter to work with us. His release is an interpretation of a beer traditionally brewed within Belgian monasteries for the Monks’ own consumption and not sold to the public.
  • AKU - Geoff Burgess, our eleventh apprentice brewer was inspired by the California Common.
  • Broustaris – For our twelfth apprentice release, brewer Beth Eisenberg has created a 19th century Scotch ale.
  • Mabon – Andrew Eppinger is our thirteenth apprentice brewer and creator of a black Saison.
  • Tres pa’ Cuatro – Our fourteenth apprentice brewer is Victor Arocho who brewed a Belgian Tripel using four different malts. 
  • Freedom From Want – A Saison brewed with ginger and orange peel by our fifteenth apprentice brewer Bryan O’Neill. 
  • Emily – An aromatic American IPA brewed by our sixteenth apprentice brewer Paul Lemoi.
  • Maple Leaf Porter – Brewed by our seventeenth apprentice brewer Chelsea Meisner using syrup from Walpole, NH.

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