The White Birch Brewing Apprentice Series is the culmination of months of hard work and fun.

Our apprentice Beth decided to call her beer Broustaris, the Scottish term for the women brewers in the Middle Ages. This Scotch Ale is brewed with a blend of Pale Malts, Scottish Yeast and posh continental hops. Inspired by historical brewing documents from the 19th century, Broustaris is sturdy, complex, and sure to please.

As Beth moves on, we raise a toast and hope you enjoy her beer as much as we do.

Words from apprentice brewer Beth Eisenberg
I began my apprenticeship at White Birch with the New Year, on Jan. 5, 2012. I learned one of life’s most important lessons that day: Invest in a good pair of durable (and stylish) galoshes.

I had been homebrewing for a couple of years and my love for the craft continued to grow. When I came across White Birch’s apprentice program I decided to take a risk, apply and try brewing on the next level.

Day one I was thrown into it. Literally. I was in a boil kettle taller than me, scrubbing away, up to my ankles in trub. Over the course of the next 6 months I made that kettle shine, I brewed test batches, full batches, smoked cigars, bottled, labeled, learned that when you kill an alligator it turns into a handbag, stacked, packaged, gained a new appreciation for Tito Puente, sanitized everything under the sun, and became skilled in the fine art of spinning tri-clamps. Perhaps most importantly, I gained a new appreciation for brewing, the dedication and heart that goes into it, and reaffirmed my desire to pursue a future in it. I never would have guessed washing dried grain from your hair would be so rewarding.

For my apprentice release, we decided to kick it old school, and created a historical scotch ale. In keeping with the style, I named my beer Broustaris, paying homage to the female brewers of Scotland in the Middle Ages. I hope you enjoy drinking it as much as I enjoyed brewing it (which no doubt you will, because it’s awesome).

I’d like to dedicate this beer to my grandfather, who was one of the most supportive people in my life and a man who enjoyed his beer until the end. He was thrilled when I started my apprenticeship and I know he would have enjoyed the outcome.

I really can’t thank Bill, Ellen, Brian, Chris, Ben, other apprentices and the rest of the White Birch family enough for giving me the opportunity to have such a wonderful, rad, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’ve learned so much from everyone, and made some great beer and some great friends along the way.

Cheers to pink boots, brewers’ beards and overalls,
Beth Eisenberg
Apprentice Brewer

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