Camp Travis

The White Birch Brewing Apprentice Series is the culmination of months of hard work and fun.

Memories of barbeques, fishing, and hanging out with friends and family. That’s what camp is all about. With this release by Benjamin Martin, our fourth brewer apprentice, we think we have the ultimate fireside camp beer. An American Barley Wine ale that is full bodied, smooth and hopped with only Sorachi Ace hops.

As Ben moves on, we raise a toast and hope you enjoy this beer as much as we do.

Words from apprentice brewer Benjamin Martin
After homebrewing for a year, I decided to explore commercial brewing in an effort to expand my knowledge of the craft. I looked into every New Hampshire brewery, and White Birch Brewing was the only one with an apprentice program right on the front page of their website. Lucky for me the brewery was only a five minute drive from home. After speaking to the Founder Bill Herlicka about the program, and discovering what it was all about, I started my apprenticeship at the brewery in December 2010.

From day one, I was thrown right into helping Head Brewer Dave Kilgour on their seven barrel brewing system. This means I was literal thrown right in to the kettle after brewing to scrub it clean. In the six short months I’ve been here, I’ve done everything from brewing to labeling, including the more glamorous jobs like scrubbing floors and carrying buckets of water. My time here has been a lot of hard work and a lot of fun. The entire White Birch family has been extremely kind and supportive throughout this process. I was given the chance to design my own recipe, brew it, test it, bottle it, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

I’m excited for the next chapter in what I hope to be a long brewing career. Bill has already given me my first gig doing a couple tastings a month. I’m glad I get to spend more time with everyone here and I’m eager to see where this experience takes me.

Benjamin Martin
Apprentice Brewer

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