First Tracks

The White Birch Brewing Apprentice Series is the culmination of months of hard work and fun.

Inspiration comes in many forms. John found inspiration for his beer on the first ski run of the day. By blending the flavors of a dunkelweizen with the rich full body of a bock, we think John’s take on this style is a worthy reward for making the first tracks of the day.

As John moves on, we raise a toast and hope you enjoy this beer as much as we do.

Words from apprentice brewer John Cataldo
I would first like to thank Bill, Dave, Brian, and Ellen for the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship at White Birch Brewing. I remember feeling overwhelmed on my first day, but everyone was welcoming and willing to help. I quickly realized how different commercial brewing was from my home brewing, and how much I was going to enjoy it.

Over my time at White Birch Brewing I learned everything from cleaning tanks to brewing on a seven barrel brew house and packaging the beer for delivery. What made this apprenticeship unique was the opportunity to create my own recipe and have it enjoyed by people all over the northeast. I knew I wanted to make a wheat beer, but I wanted to make it different from common American wheat beers. Dave actually gave me the idea to make it dark, and I am sure you will find that along with the flavors from the yeast it was a good idea.

I started at Harpoon Brewery in Vermont in November as a cellarman, and I have White Birch to thank for that. In addition to the experience I gained, I also gained a great group of friends. I want to wish White Birch many years of continued success!

John Cataldo
Apprentice Brewer

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