The White Birch Brewing Apprentice Series is the culmination of months of hard work and fun.

Adam Romanow is our third brewer apprentice. His release is an exploration into a newer beer style, the Black IPA. Black as night, bitter, with a full flavored Cascade hop profile and smooth finish.

Named after Nyx, the mythological Greek goddess of night, who stood at the beginning of creation. As a beginning, we agree Adam is on to something. As he moves on, we raise a toast and hope you enjoy his beer as much as we do.

Words from apprentice brewer Adam Romanow
When I came to White Birch Brewing to interview with Bill in October of 2010, I knew as much about beer as I did about restoring vintage sports cars. It takes patience, practice, hard work, and a heck of a lot of cleaning. As it turns out, the apprenticeship I’d signed up for not only confirmed that, but took it to a whole new level. From day one, I really got to see what its all about in this industry. There’s no such thing as an easy day, and if you ever feel like everything is going right, its probably only a matter of minutes before something goes wrong. But these are invaluable lessons that can only be learned first person. No literature or lecture can ever give you a true appreciation of the “craft” in craft beer. But apprenticing at one of the newest, most inspired, and most labor intensive breweries in New England? Well, if that doesn’t teach you to appreciate it, you should probably stick to drinking water.

Working with Bill, Dave, and Joel over these past six months hasn’t just been an education; its been a trip. I cant honestly say that my most important lessons here revolve around how to make beer, but heres what I have learned. For one, Led Zeppelin’s BBC sessions, and not IV, might actually be their best album. Secondly, always remember to lift with your legs, not your back. Third, its not about whether everyone else likes it, but do you like it? And lastly, if you want something, go get it. For me, “it” was leaving a desk job to learn the ropes of the craft beer industry. Thankfully Bill needed the help and had the patience to take on a hard working, albeit inexperienced apprentice. His guidance and instruction have inspired me to create a beer that combines my hophead roots with the boldness of a new, relatively uncharted style, for a balanced beer that hits in all the right places.

Though I am moving on from White Birch, my journey does not end here. I have decided to apply the lessons learned and experience gained here to the pursuit of opening my own brewery, which I am hoping to launch in the Fall of 2011. You can follow the progress of making my dream a reality at arbrewjourney.wordpress.com, as I blog about the trials and tribulations of opening a small craft brewery in today’s huge craft beer world.

I hope you enjoy Nyx as much as I enjoyed creating it. Many thanks to everyone who made this possible, and may your cup always be full.

Adam Romanow
Apprentice Brewer

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