July 4th Weekend is upon us!


Special July 4th Hours

Please note our hours have changed for the holiday weekend.  We will be open the following days and hours

  • Thursday – 4pm to 6pm
  • Friday – closed
  • Saturday 12pm to 4pm

Wow!  It’s July already.  I don’t know about you but for me time is flying.  This July 4th finds a few great updates.  First, my lovely wife and I will be married for fifteen years.  Seems like only yesterday we were getting married.  I mention this fact as it’s both awesome and puts some context to this next fact.  White Birch Brewing has turned five years old.  Another factoid which barely does justice to the constant reinvention, evolution and grand adventure that has become our life since we first talked about making the leap from employees to business owners.


First Friday of the Month aka Thursday July 3rd

So first Friday of the month has become a popular day of the month for our growler fans.  We’ve been all over the map with offerings and you’ve enthusiastically jumped into the deep end with us.  So since we’re having a first friday on a thursday and it’s the day before July 4th what’s a brewery to do?  How about this lineup for growlers:

  • Belgian Style Pale ale – bottles only this weekend.
  • Hop Session
  • Berliner Weisse
  • Small Batch Imperial Hooksett – our Hooksett ale imperialized!!!  11% ABV, tons and tons of hops.  This special batch arose from the question “I bet this would be awesome”.  I’m betting our hop heads will think so too.
  • Small Batch Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.  Yup. you read that right.  We made a special small batch that tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie.  Semi sweet beer with notes of cinnamon, raisin and carmelized grains aka a cookie.  Fun for sharing, fun for pairing a downright tasty treat for the weekend.d
  • Hop Session – Barrel Aged – we took those awesome Tripel barrels and the day they were emptied we refilled them with Hop Session.  The result is only in bottles but darn tasty.  Nice bitterness with a softer but complimentary apple brandy barrel effect.  We’ll be sampling it at the brewery.  It’s here till it’s gone.


Growler Indemnity

Growler indemnity this weekend.  You read that right.  Bring any clean growler and we’ll fill it.  We’ll have to put our labels on it so we meet NH code but after long debate I’ve decided to test this out.  Like all things there are some fine details:

  • If we think the growler is not right we won’t fill it.  Stuff in the glass or weird smells will disqualify the growler.  Best way to clean a growler is with really hot water, no soap.  Rinse a few times and it should be good to go.  A tip for best growler maintenance, rinse it when you drain the last drop of beery goodness.  That way there’s no chance for beer to dry in the glass.
  •  We won’t swap non White Birch growlers for White Birch Growlers.  I like my collection on display because I drank them.  I’m not interested in more.
  • Got a weird small size?  For 750ml, 32 oz or other less than 64 oz container there will be no discount.  Our price floor is $10 for a growler.  If you bring one of these in be sure you have a cap for it.  Our caps only work on half gallon glass jugs.
  • Got a weird larger size?  I’ve seen 1 liter and bigger containers out there.  We’ll fill these for a $5 additional fee.  We won’t fill larger than gallon jugs and reserve the right to turn down any container we feel isn’t right.
  • We’ll still clean and or swap your White Birch growler for a clean one at no charge.  It’s part of being in the family and our way of ensuring you get the best growler possible.

Is this policy going to stick from now on?  Not sure.  I want to see how it goes before I say this is going to be the new norm.  I’ll keep you updated.


In Closing

Thank you as always for your support.  Whether you visit the brewery, buy our beer at a retail store or enjoy a pint at your favorite restaurant know that it is appreciated.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday with friends, family and of course great beer.




Bill Herlicka


White Birch Brewing, llc

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