Looking back at the season – TGIFS 2011/12

So, our team didn’t win the whole shebang. I’ve started to come around and am in a better place than I was a couple of Monday’s ago. What’s funny is all the pros and cons around whether the Pats really are a dynasty or not. To me, I’ve enjoyed an amazing 10 years of football. In that 10 years I could list a lot of franchises that haven’t even had a whiff of back to back years of success. Is that a dynasty? I’d say yes. In the eyes of many of today’s talking heads looking to make their own reputation on extreme points of view, I’d say no.

So, looking back at the season I have a few highlights and fun anecdotes I’d like to share:

  1. First rolled out in week 2 my turkey meatballs which are a favorite. I could eat these all the time. I’d get tired of eating these every week I’m sure, but the balance between sweet and heat in the sauce really seals this one for me.
  2. In week 4 I rolled out chili. A winter favorite of mine. Great for lunch leftovers at work as well as on game day.
  3. Week 8 was our homemade pizza. A little bit of work, a lot of tasty fun food. This one can even be grilled for an additional smokey texture come summertime. Bake the dough first and then cook it on the grill (may take some practice).
  4. We put it all together for the week of the big game with a big spread. I love to have a fun time during the Super Bowl. While I’d rather be watching the parade in Boston for our champs, we had a fun party with great food and beer.
  5. Please put an end to the Pro Bowl as we know it. So much is right about the NFL, this part sucks. Thankfully even the commissioner agrees. Email him if you think so too.

So, now we have a little break from the NFL season. Winter is winding down and with it comes spring, free agency and of course draft day where every team is a potential Super Bowl contender again. I hope you’ve enjoyed this years TGIFS menus. I’ll bring it back again next year with some old favorites and new ideas too. Go Pats!


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