Week 17 – New Years Day Edition

Happy 2012 to all. We hope you enjoyed last night’s festivities. It almost seems perfect that today is Football sunday and nothing beats a good day of relaxing with good food, good beer, friends and football. Today’s game finds the Pats hosting Buffalo. Defense is still an issue and the Bills have had some good games as of late. Troy Brown did not come out of retirement to help the defense, but we are still looking for some sign that we’re in playoff shape. Let’s see the Pats take the number 1 overall seed in the playoffs and celebrate what an amazing year it’s been. So with that, here’s some fun and easy food for today’s game:

Getting the Day Started – AKA the “I can’t believe I drank that much” bloody mary (should you need it)

2 oz. Belgian Style Pale Ale or if you’re a traditionalist, 2oz vodka in a tall glass filled with ice.
Fill glass with tomato juice
1 dash celery salt
1 dash ground black pepper
1 dash Tabasco sauce
2-4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
1/8 tsp of tiger teeth – take just a quarter of the tsp for a glass. add more if you want more heat.
Dash of lemon or lime juice

Lunch Time – buffalo chicken sub
Sub Rolls
Chicken breast – skinless
Bread crumbs
Buffalo sauce
1 Egg
Shredded lettuce
Sliced cheese of your choice – we’re going with provolone.

Take the egg and milk, mix till integrated. This is the dipping batter. Take another bowl and fill with bread crumbs. Slice the chicken into even 1 inch strips. Dip the strip in batter, roll in bread crumbs. Repeat for thicker crust if desired. Lay in a cooking pan and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Split the subroll, put down a layer of cheese, then chicken, slather in buffalo sauce and top with lettuce. The sub can be toasted prior to adding lettuce if you want a little more crunch.

We’ll toast our sub, serve it with a classic kosher dill pickle and enjoy it with some Belgian Style Pale Ale. We hope you enjoy today’s game and today’s recipes. Cheers

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