Week 10 – 2011

This week finds a great slate of games and our Pats playing at the Jets for the 8:20 game. It’s a fall classic day out there and instead of spending any time cooking, we’re going to enjoy the fruits of the Winter Market that we hosted yesterday. You may or may not have noticed but the Hooksett Farmers Market is doing a winter market at White Birch Brewing. Yesterday (Nov 12) was the first day and Dec 10th is the next event. Throw in a gracious delivery of farm fresh eggs from Joe and Deb of the Cape and Steve’s amazing pickles and relish and we’ve got the makings of a great day of eating off the main stream grid. Read along as we lay out our day of fun farm fresh foods to go with our football enjoyment.

The foundation of any good day begins with a solid breakfast. Our morning started with Pete & Gerry’s Ameraucana hen eggs from Monroe NH and toast with Mango Habanero jam from Molly Lane Kitchen in Pittsfield NH. Ameraucana Heriloom hens originate from the domesitcated hens of the indigenous people of Chilean Patagonia. The shells have a soft powder blue color and the eggs are excellent! A simple sunny side up unseasoned fry shows off the texture and flavor wonderfully. White eggs sold in the cheap cardboard just don’t hold a candle. The toast…. There’s as special place in our heart for well blended heat and flavor. Molly Lane delivers beautifully. A great cup of Unta coffee and we’re ready for our day!

Asiago foccacio bread, turkey, spicey brown mustard and Remedy House of Gilmanton NH’s sweet relish. Pair with a Belgian Style Pale Ale and we’re in business. For desert we have a Galatobouriko made by The Greek Man. If you’re like us we needed a little explanation on what a Glatobouriko is. It’s a Greek custard made with milk, eggs, butter, sugar, spices and topped with orange blossom syrup. We say GOOD!

Our notes fail us but there was great soup vendor at the market selling corn and potato chowders. Both came home and will be enjoyed with a bottle of Birchwood Smoked Stout. To make sure we get all that soup goodness mopped up we’ll be splitting a small french baguette, toasting and slathering with a liberal dose of Two Sisters Garlic of Cantebury NH’s Simply Garlic Jelly. It’s the tastiest simplest garlic bread we’ve tried in some time.

If the menu above wasn’t enough, we have the quintessential fall farm fresh desert – Apple pie. Molly Lane Kitchen finished our day right. Lightly warmed with a bit of fresh whipped cream on top. We’ll have ours with a nice glass of Tripel.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions. Great food, great beer and a great day of football with family and friends. Life is good. Cheers

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