Week 16 – 2011

This week finds the Dolphins heading to our Pats. If simple records were all that mattered, this would be a simple check mark win. The reality is that the Fins are one of those late season teams noone wants on their schedule. Despite the head coach change, the Fins have been good on defense and last weekend put a full game together to win in Buffalo. We’ll continue to trust in Belicheck and who wouldn’t like Brady to Gronkowski or Hernandez? If our defense can keep it together this one will be a good one. I hear that Troy Brown may be coming back to play DB too. Ok, that last one’s not true but it’s becoming that kind of season.

On with the food and beer!

Well, this week is a bit different as it’s also Christmas eve. Our family tradition is to enjoy chinese food and hang out together. This year football games are icing on the cake. We’ll be going to our local haunt, Asian Breeze, and our feast will be as follows:

Spring Rolls
General Tso’s Chicken – it’s a classic
Moo Shu Chicken
Beef fried rice

Some extra duck sauce and we’re good to go! We’ll pair this with our Belgian Style Pale Ale. A post dinner treat will be fortune cookies with a Barrel Aged Indulgence.

Hope you have a great day today and a Merry Christmas tomorrow!

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