Week 19 – Divisional Playoffs

It’s divisional playoff weekend. Why do we love this weekend? The games are one and done. Sorry but this is football, no best 5 out of 7 or anything. Line up, win your battle, leave it all on the field and go home the victor. With four games over two days enjoying is also about pacing yourself and options. Here’s how we’re preparing to enjoy the games this weekend:

Primary Dishes

Baked Chicken
– marinate a cubed boneless chicken breast in full fat Italian dressing for 4 hours in the fridge.
– Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.
– Serve in a bowl

Sour Dough Loaf
– split a good sourdough loaf in half
– on one half apply pizza sauce, cheese and if you like pepperoni
– on the other half apply a liberal slather of butter, minced garlic and a light mozzarella cheese.
– bake both at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted with a golden edge to it
– cut into one inch slices and serve on a platter

Dirty Rice
– Zatarans makes this dirty rice with pineapple and it’s a great all around compliment. We’ll take the simple route on this one and modify it a little with some small cubed kielbasa chunks thrown in the mix.

Snack type foods
– Seasoned popcorn. With thanks to our friends Debbie and Joe, we have this obscenely addictive chili & garlic smoked sea salt from Trader Joes. We like to lightly spray olive oil on popcorn then grind this salt mix onto the popcorn. Less fat than real butter, better fluffy popcorn and did we mention it’s extremely addictive?

– Hummus, veggies and pita. Raw veggies are quick and easy to prepare. We like baby carrots (no work needed), red peppers and pita ripped into small pieces with our hummus.

– Pretzels. Nuf said

– Chips and salsa. Take your favorite chips and salsa and enjoy. We’re doing blue corn chips and Doug’s Best Salsa.

Gotta have beer with the games. We’re bringing a growler of Hop Session home to enjoy with the early games. For the Pats game we’ll start with a First Tracks and then end with a 500ml Indomitus black (been saving it and this is a good reason to enjoy it).

We’ll be rooting for our Pats of course as well as the Niners, Texans and Pack. This will be a heck of a weekend. Hope you enjoy it too.


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