Week 20 – Conference championships

It’s the last game before the superbowl. Our Pats host those pesky Ravens. The Niners host the Gints. Storylines abound and once the dust settles the victors go to the superbowl. After last week’s games we’re incredibly excited about today’s games. Three out of four teams are centered around smashmouth old school football, our team is the last of the high flying offenses. It’s been said that offense wins games, defense wins championships. we remain nervous about our defense but as is the mantra, in Brady and Belicheck we trust.

With today’s games beginning at 3pm we want to minimize our food prep times and enjoy the day. For today’s games we’re going back to our slow cooking favorites. Read on as we highlight our game day feast:

As described in Week 2, we are doing vegetarian nachos -

- Blue corn tortilla chips (they tend to be thicker than regular tortilla chips and hold up to the pile o’ chip we like)
- One can of fat free refried beans
- Ideally fresh or canned hot peppers – we like a medley of jalepeno, red cherry and habanero peppers. Flavor, color and heat!
- Canned mexican corn or black beans for texture and accent. (be sure to drain for 30 mins to ensure the chips come out crispier)
- Preparred shredded cheese is convenient and tasty, diehards can shred their favorite cheeses. We like a three cheese blend.

Warm the refried beans so they spread easier. Layer the chips on an oven safe platter with bits of refried beans and jalepenos. Layer the top of the stack with the remaining hot peppers, corn and or black beans. Cover with cheese and bake at 350° for 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted and golden.

Main Dish
A nice 2lb cut with a good layer of fat on it.
Dried cayenne (we are using a blend of dried peppers from our master hot pepper farmer Billy K.)
BBQ sauce – we’re going for a sweet and hot effect so we’re going to go with simple thick kraft hickory smoked sauce.

Rub the brisket liberally with dried peppers. Wrap brisket in tin foil and place on a tray fat side up. Cook for 5 hours at 250 degrees. On a warmed grill set for a medium heat, place brisket on grill, slather with sauce and cook for 10 minutes, 5 minutes each side.

Mashed potatoes – 4 red potatoes cubed, boiled and unpeeled. 1/4 teaspoon of garlic, 1 jalepeno diced in a food processor real small, 2 tablespoons butter and a dash of milk. Blend till smooth with a blender.
Mexican corn – a quick and easy warm up dish. We get ours in the ethnic food aisle at the grocery store. If this was summer we’d go with fresh BBQ’d corn on the cob but simple is sometimes great too.

Minimal prep, great tasting and perfect for the playoffs. We’ll be enjoying some Belgian Style Pale Ale for the day. Providing our team wins, we are rooting for two teams today – Pats & Niners, we’ll be celebrating with a Barrel Aged Brewers Reserve. We hope you enjoy the games today. This season has been a wild ride so far and we expect today to be no different. Cheers

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