Week 03 – 2011

This week we prepare for the 1 p.m. Pats vs Bill’s game. Being a 1pm game we have a different menu planned for today:

- Cheese Plate -

  • This one’s pure simplicity. We like to take a nice cheese like a Robie Farm Piermont and slice it into thin one inch squares. Pair with a nice water cracker and Belgian Style Pale Ale. The cheese also works beautifully with a Tavern Ale or Birchwood Smoked Stout but for game day we’re going with the BSPA as it’s a lower ABV beer

Main Dish
- Brat’s -
Probably one of the easiest to make and a classic for an afternoon game. Brats are a fun food and taste damn good with a beer, football and friends. Here’s how we make them:
Cut up one yellow onion, a quarter red onion and a yellow pepper. Take an appropriately sized stock pot and fill with onions and hop session. Bring to a boil, add the brats and reduce to a simmer. Simmer for about 15 minutes and remove brats. Transfer the onions and beer stock to a larger frying pan. Pour the liquid so that it just supports the onions but does not cover them in bottom of the pan. Add the peppers and bring them up to a simmer again. We want the peppers soft and flavored with the onions but not so soft that they fall apart. Be sure not to use so much heat that the veggies burn. Add a touch of olive oil if necessary.
Back to the brats! Grill till they brown and remove. Don’t over do it as the simmering above helps cook them. This step is a finishing process only. Take a bun (bonus points for going with a thick cut sourdough slab rolled in half as a bun), add a good mustard (we like spicy brown with seeds showing in the mustard), a brat and liberal application of onions and peppers.

We’re going to enjoy our brats with a bottle of Hop Session Ale. Hops, brats, mustard and onions – kickoff perfection. Hope you eat well and enjoy the games today! P.S. if you go for the knockwurst then slice and serve as an appetizer with tooth picks and a side of mustard.


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