Week 05 – 2011

We enter week 5 with the Pats hosting the dreaded Jets. Which team’s defense will show up this week? Will Wes Welker catch another 40 passes and 300 yards? Will the Ridler rip off another series of dazzling runs? We can’t wait to see how it all plays out. To properly enjoy this one we’re going with an easy to make and awesome to eat Philly cheese steak.

Inspired by a trip to Philly where Bill finally had a wizwit and ate it on a stainless steel bar on sidewalk in the middle of the city, we bring you the goods:

Philly Cheesesteak
Onion – one yellow onion diced and sautéed until soft and translucent. Authentic seems to be canola oil. We’ll cook in olive oil.
Steakum – bonus points if you can get or do your own shaved steak. Steakum seems truly authentic though. Don’t worry about how much you use. Put on what seems right. If there is extra steak & cheese we’ll address that below.
Cheese Wiz – one jar.
Fresh white bread sub roll
salt & pepper

Dice the onion into small cubes and sauté in oil until translucent. Add in the steakum and cook on medium heat until the steakum is warm. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top of the meat. Take the cheese wiz and warm it in the microwave. Cover the meat and onions with a liberal dose of wiz. Split the sub roll but don’t cut it all the way through. Slather with the steak and cheese. Enjoy with a Hooksett Ale.

Bonus Points
- any extra meat and onion that doesn’t find a sub can be put in a small bowl and slathered with buffalo sauce for a tasty snack. A wizwit preview for your wizwit.
- Heat your oven to 350 and toast the sub for 5-8 minutes.
- add jalapenos for a complimentary heat. Either in the steakum sautee or on top of the loaded sub.

Healthier Alternative – Yeah it tastes great too
- Get a good cut of steak and shave it yourself (some butchers may be able to do this for you) or get a nice rare roastbeef sandwich meat instead of steakum.
- use olive oil and less of it. It doesn’t take much to sauté onions.
- use a 1% shredded mozzarella or cheese blend. Don’t use the fat free cheese. On paper it sounds good but doesn’t melt and stretch like cheese should. The ones we’ve tried are plastic-y in consistency and lack flavor.

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