Week 06 – 2011

It’s a beautifull fall day today! The cowboys come to town for their first game off their bye week to face the Patriots. We’re going to enjoy the morning and early afternoon outside so we’re going with a favorite that’s easy to make.

Today’s recipe is a football favorite of ours – boneless buffalo wings. Our recipe is quick, easy and quite tasty. Read along as we make a fun dish that takes little time and lets us be outside to enjoy this great day.

Boneless Wings – done easy
– One boneless chicken breast
– 1/2 cup of flour or italian bread crumbs
– one egg
– a splash of milk
– olive oil
– jar of sauce. We love Frank’s Buffalo Wing sauce.

Slice chicken breast into thin strips about 1/4 inch wide. Combine egg and milk as if making scrambled eggs (the result should be a light yellow color if you have never made scrambled eggs). In a separate bowl put your flour or bread crumbs. In a medium or large saucepan, layer the bottom with a good coating of olive oil. It should be enough oil to reach the top of the chicken, but not submerge it. Dip the chicken in the egg mixture, then the flour and then put in the saucepan. when the sides are brown flip. Fresh chicken should take about 3 minutes a side. Place cooked chicken strips on a plate covered with paper towels or paper grocery bags. This will help any excess oil drain off the chicken.

Final Prep- either put chicken in a large mixing bowl, slather with sauce, mix till really coated and serve on a fresh plate or serve “dry” with dipping bowls.

Other Serving Options
Option 1: The healthy tasty salad – follow the mixing bowl process above and serve on top of your favorite salad with crumbled blue cheese.
Option 2: Get a bulkie roll or a nice sourdough roll. Layer the chicken tenders, blue or swiss cheese and a little extra sauce. Toast and serve hot.

What we’re doing
We’re having ours straight up with dipping bowls. We have the obligatory Frank’s wing sauce and we’re doing a mild option utilizing Doug’s Best BBQ sauce made here in Hooksett NH. We got a jar of the sauce as a preview for next week’s open house. Some celery and carrot sticks to help with the heat, ranch dressing and we’re styling. For a beer we’re going back to our spicy food favorite – Wrigian.

Hope you enjoy the game tonight! Cheers

Cooking tips
Cooking with oil – there is a frying screen which is very helpfull in reducing oil splatter. Not necessary but handy. When frying like noted above keep the temp around medium or just hot enough to create a bubble on the chicken. There is no need to cook at really high temps, it only creates more splatter and potential for oil burns.
Boneless chicken – this dish is all about convenience. We like our chicken skinned so we look for boneless chicken prepared this way. Feel free to pick what you want. Please note, thicker pieces of chicken will take longer to cook. Please be sure to cook your chicken thoroughly. Salmonella is nothing to mess with.

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