Week 17 – 2012

The end of the regular season is upon us. I don’t know about you but to me, this time of year seems to just fly by. The playoff permutations are too many to list, suffice to say we’re in and are either hosting a wild card game or getting a week off. By the end of the 1pm slate, we’ll know if there is any opportunity to be the number one or two seed team. That being said, I kind of prefer we have to work our way back to the big game, but I may be in the minority.

This week finds us hosting the Fins and it’s appropriate that it follow’s a nice back to back run of snowstorms. The Fins are out of the playoffs but may have finally settled on a QB to helm the team well and are playing for pride. I hate to say it, but our team seems to be playing down to the level of the competition these past few weeks. I’d love to see otherwise but I think this weeks game will be another struggle. I think it’s just a fact of life with a really young team. If Belichick pushes the team then I can see a W, albeit a barely there W.

What’s the food this week? Glad you asked. This week’s plan went out the window. I am calling today’s dish “rolling with the weekend”. While in the grocery store I walked the meat aisle and doubled back. I was really surprised to see a 13lb turkey for $6. Heck, I just bought a pound of sliced turkey for $4. The turkey went home and was cooked in a basic manner in the oven. I then went to a great dinner at the Set Kettle Farm where Josh Latham made this amazing Mole sauce to go over some pork tenderloin and Spanish dirty rice. The sauce was amazing and as it turned out there was a lot of it made as extra for the night. Well, I have a container of this fine sauce which is in today’s recipe. Plus some leftover dirty rice.

SO… Today’s food is a freshly cooked turkey breast with a slathering of Mole sauce and a side of dirty rice. This will be enjoyed with an Indulgence, same as at the dinner last night. I have no recipe to share with you so my recipe for you today is takeout. Order your favorite delivery food, get a growler and let someone else do the cooking today.

Yeah, let’s be selfish and relax with some great beer, takeout and football. Feels right here. Anyway, thanks for reading this week’s blog and I hope you have a safe, happy and health7 new years!



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