2012 Post Draft Edition

One of my favorite parts of the offseason is the draft. It’s that time of the year where everyone is superbowl bound and there’s no shortage of sports writers out there with opinions on every player possible. I am no expert on college players and I love that no one can tell what Belichik will do for each draft.

As a fan of the Pats I’m psyched to see we drafted with a focus on defense. Across the board it seems that wide receivers are a long shot for productivity in the first three years. I’ll admit I miss the trio of McGinest, Bruschi and Johnson roaming the field. Here’s hoping this crop of youngsters will be a great impact for the team.

On some fun other notes – Looking around the league

- The Raiders signed Leinart to be a backup? I hope they have fun with that one. I start with the raiders as so much was made of Al’s unc onventional high draft picks for Seabass and Lechter (kicker and punter). Both of whom have been awesome players over the years. This signing I don’t get.

- This year the Jags picked a punter with their third round pick. Jaguar fans are puzzled and of course the instant analysis like last years Jags draft is confounded by their picks.

- The Payton circus is over, the little clown cars are done following his every move and Denver can spend the offseason as the preemptive west division champion, at least till the games are played.

- The J.E.T.S. may be on HBO’s hard knocks again. I for one certainly hope so as I love a good media circus out of NY. Heck, Eli is the third talked about QB in the city and he only won the last superbowl.

- The Saints have undergone a forced front office and coaching change. I for one am happy that the league is coming down hard on them. The sport’s rough enough as is without and incentive to injure players. With the draft over I can only wait with baited breath for the player suspensions.

- The Bill’s signed the best defensive lineman in the league if you believe the press. Last I heard defense was a team sport. Now if he could just play QB and WR they’d be legit threats to win it all. Count me in the camp that thinks the Bill’s offense may not be dramatically better than last years team.

Suffice to say there is no real offseason and this offseason has been busier than any I can recall over the past 5 years.
Go Pats!

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