TGIFS – Wild Card Sunday edition

Playoffs? Playoffs? Don’t ask me about playoffs! Great commercial, great old interview. That gem should be put back on the air. At least the Peyton parade of nonstop commercials hasn’t begun. Ok, it’s begun but it’s only one right now.

So we know Houston is coming back to town. Beating a team twice in a season is probably one of the hardest things to do. I am hopeful today that between the weather and their cautious approach to scoring with the Bengals that we’re going to be in a great place come our game. For now though I’m curious to see how the three amazing rookies play today. Luck, RGIII and that short guy that so many experts didn’t think could play the pro game. One rookie at a minimum will advance and the pressure has got to be on big time for Flacco.

For today’s games I’m going old school with a grilled kielbasa, knockwurst, peppers, onions and asiago baguettes

Beef Kielbasa
Beef Knockwurst
Yellow Onions – 2
Red and green bell peppers – one each
Jalepeno – one per mix of veggies above

Grill the meat on medium, be sure to monitor for flareups. Grill the veggies in thick cut strips next. Split the baguettes, slather with meat, veggies and enjoy.

I’ll be enjoying small glasses of Ol’Cattywhompus from my growler today. Small as I intend to make it through both games today. Hope you enjoy today’s games as well.

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