Week 04 – 2012

The end of September is here and with it comes rain and the real NFL refs. If you watched last weekends games I think you’ll agree that the replacements became the center issue in more than one game. My favorite was the one ref wanting a player to do better for his fantasy team and another getting let go for having a facebook picture of him (the ref) in his favorite teams uniform – the team who’s games he was working. Say what you want, I blame the whole fiasco on the NFL for trying to cut costs on a minor cost aspect of the game. If player safety is concern 1 for the NFL then this negotiation shouldn’t have made it into the preseason. But that’s neither here nor there. Now we can go back to blaming the zebras for bad calls as the pros we love to hate.

As for our Pats, they travel to NY to meet the Bills. Will our OL hold up to the Bills retooled and expensive DL? Will Mr. McDaniels let loose Wes Welker to catch his usual 10 balls as he eats up key yards? Will Mr. Fitzy start throwing picks? It will be interesting to watch. I think this game will really show where we stand. The resolve of our young players and the tenacity of our vets will be tested and they will not give up. I’m going to say we find our footing and make this a W.

So, what’s up with food today? Well, with an open house Friday and a long day with a couple of great groups from our Fun(d)raising effort yesterday I’m cooked out. Today’s snacks will be celery, baby carrots, focaccia and humus. Game grub will be a his and hers pizza affair. His will be a grilled chicken and pineapple from The Pizza Man of Hooksett and hers will be a chicken, feta and spinach pizza from the Supreme House of Pizza also from Hooksett. The beer of choice today will be Oude Timey. The dreary weather, great games and pizzas will be perfect for this raisiny malt, rasperry tart brew.

I’ll be back next week with a great recipe. Till then, I hope you enjoy today’s games with great food, beer and friends.



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