Week 06 – 2012

Wow does time fly. It’s week six already. Any else notice something unusual the past two weeks? Where did this awesome running game come from? I am in no way complaining but the last time I think we were a real running threat we had Corey Dillon in his first season with us. I know it’s only week six and there’s a long way to go but I feel better about letting Benjarvis go and I like him as a player a lot. This weeks game is the classic immovable object meets unstoppable force – a top ranked fast defense and crazy loud stadium against our top ranked offense and improving defense. I’m still very concerned about our pass defense but I think the early losses are helping our young team find the focus necessary to win. I’m thinking a close game and a field goal making this one a W.

Since this week we’re in Seattle and what better than a game day built around sourdough bread? An ancient tradition, a west coast cultural favorite from the gold rush days. Heck, it’s just darn good. Following my old Joy of Cooking recipe book I made a sourdough starter to build this weeks recipes around.

The bread
I got a head start on you so this weeks bread is a sourdough base. The recipe is from my copy of the Joy of Cooking. Since it takes advance preparation you can shortcut it by following the week 1 TGIFS bread recipe. My approach is based around the joy of volume or I’m making two things. I’ll be doing a flatbread pizza and a sour dough loaf.

The flatbread pizza
2 large tomatoes sliced thin
Red onion diced 1/4 cup
Steak sliced thin and cooked to medium rare before grilled
One bag of shredded 2% mozzarella

Step 1
Slice some thin steak into bit sized pieces. Cook with a tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan on low heat. To taste add in smoked paprika, dried jalapenos (mine are smoked as well) and just enough flour to turn the oil and beef juices into a runny gravy texture.

Step 2
Prepare all ingredients and stage in bowls at the grill. Warm up the grill, layer the dough, tomatoes, onion, steak and cheese. Follow week 1 steps and enjoy.

The loaf
Following the Joy of Cooking I’m baking a couple of small loaves to enjoy for the game and for future sandwiches.

The beer
I’ll be starting the day with a Crown of Gold and moving on to Broustaris for the evening games.

Fresh sourdough bread, warm from the oven and lathered with butter. Sourdough flat bread pizza with a great rye beer followed by a rich malty scotch strong ale. Yeah I’ll be enjoying. Hope you enjoy some great games with great food, beer and friends. Cheers, Bill

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