Week 07 – 2012

Week seven is upon us and those lovely Jets are coming to town. So many side stories, so many fun sayings by Rex I could bring back up but let’s face it we’re 3-3 on the season and haven’t had that “close out the game killer instinct” that seemed hand in hand with the Pats teams. It’s still in Belichick and Brady we trust. So guys let’s get a W so I don’t have to hear Rex wax and wane super bowl here we come non stop post game.

Today’s food fest is a two part strategy – cheese and meat

Part one – cheese
I picked up some Robie Farm Piermont. Sliced and enjoyed on a wheat cracker with a Belgian Style Pale ale. It’s just plain awesome.

Part two – meat
hot pepper

Saute the onion in some olive oil til it’s soft and set aside. slice the hot pepper really thin and cube it. slice the kielbasa – beef for me – and toss the meat and pepper in a pan to heat up. drain the kielbasa drippings and mix into the onions. Sweet, heat and tasty meat. I’ll be enjoying with more Belgian Style Pale Ale today.

Hope you enjoy this weeks games with great beer, friends and food.

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