Week 11 – 2012

How’s that saying go? The king is dead, long live the king? Through week 9, Payton Manning in his new home of Denver and Andrew Luck as the new rookie taking over a 1 win team have something really crazy in common – they have thrown for the same amount of yards. A good QB should elevate his team. The Colts are knocking on a wild card spot. Some of that is just how weak the AFC is this year but a lot of that is how the team and Luck have really come together. I’m looking forward to a great competition for years to come although I will admit I was hoping for a team in transition and an easy win when this game was originally announced.

Like all the games this season, I think we’ve got the talent to win. We have a new talented cornerback Talib today, our running game has been excellent and of course we have Brady and Belichick. I think that should be enough to overcome the various injuries on the offense and defense. I’ll guess another W but it will be a game that is much closer than it should be.

As for food & beer, I’m glad you asked. Today’s menu is simple and tasty – Chicken burritos

Crockpot chicken
1 small whole chicken.
12oz of Hop Session
A sprinkle of hot peppers – I’m using some dried crushed and smoked habaneros

Rinse the chicken and remove the giblets. Place in the crockpot. Fill 12oz of Hop Session and set aside the rest for the first game. A dash of hot peppers on the skin and cover. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8. When done, remove chicken and pull off meat. The meat can be shredded with a couple of forks and placed in a bowl. I like to put a little broth with chicken fat on top of the chicken in the bowl to keep it moist.

The fixings
1 can of fat free, low sodium refried beans
1 can of black beans
Salsa or Picante as hot or mild as you like it. I’m going with fresh picante as I like the texture better in this dish.
Flour burrito wraps
Shredded Mexican cheese blend
Lettuce – shredded.

Warm the beans, assemble the burrito and enjoy. If you’re like me this is a fork and knife affair as I just can’t seem to fold a burrito like my the pros. I try to make it smaller but I usually overload it.

I’ll be enjoying my fresh burritos with some Farmhouse Red. I hope you enjoy today’s games with some great friends, food and beer.



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