Week 12 – 2012

Happy Thanksgiving leftover weekend! This weeks TGIFS blog finds our Pats having already feasted in NY on the Jets. Did you watch that game? I’ve seen some really amazing things happen over the years but I am certain I’ve never seen a three touchdown in 52 second sequence before. Definitely not one punctuated by an offensive fumble recovered for a score followed by a kick return fumbled into the arms of our team for a score. If there was a pee wee league mercy rule that could have been enacted, I think this was a game to call it. The post game turkey awards this year were my favorite in quite some time. The guys were trying their best to be humble despite the reporters best efforts. Brady wanted to give away his drumstick and our big man Wilfork was mostly ignoring the reporter and enjoying a well earned treat. Wilfork is the man!

So with our team enjoying a well deserved day off I do have a couple of games of interest. The Rams vs. Cards is the first in a fascinating display of the importance of QB selection. The Cards were in the superbowl just a few years ago with Warner and are now fighting to be the 2012 poster boy of QB ineptitude. I feel sorry for their starting QB but like a traffic wreck I just want to look. The other is the Denver vs Chiefs game. Denver won the free agent prize Manning and it looks like a winning move for them. The Chiefs are about as miserable a team as there can be this year, rivaled only by the Cards in my book, yet I’m a huge fan of Crennel and I hate to see his second stop as the head coach winding up so bad.

This is a football and food blog and it is a Thanksgiving leftover weekend and let’s talk some food:

Turkey & soft sunny side up eggs with a side of toast

Shave some turkey thin and saute with a little olive oil till warmed up nicely. Cook an egg sunny side up with a soft yoke. Place the turkey in a pile and cover with the egg. A little pepper for seasoning and a side of buttered toast for me! Tasty, filling and easy.

Turkey Quesadilla
Leftover turkey
Red onion
mexican cheese blend or other favorite shredded cheese
flour tortillas

Dice turkey and red onion into really fine pieces. On a flour tortilla place a tablespoon of turkey and onions to your preference. Add shredded cilantro and three tablespoons of cheese. Cover with a flour tortilla and cook in an oven at 350 for 10 minutes. Serve with a side of salsa and if you want to be fancy sour cream and guacamole.

Turkey Chili
Small bag of black beans, previously soaked and cooked. A large can of undrained beans works as well.
two cups of salsa – shortcut to stewed tomatoes and chili seasoning pack
one cup of diced turkey
Hot peppers – if you want a spicier chili – I’m adding a diced habanero

Mix everything in a slow cooker. Cook on low using the 8 hour setting till hot. At this point we’re looking for nicely warmed and integrated over cooking raw meat. Be fancy when you enjoy and hit the store for a sourdough bread bowl. Use some leftover cheese and cilantro from lunch on top of the chili as a garnish.

A fresh growler of Hop Session and today’s a game day! I hope you enjoy today’s games with some great food, friends and beer.



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