Week 15 – 2012

Today’s forecast is for sunshine, high humidty and …. yeah right. The 49ers may be coming to Foxboro but the cush San Fran weather is staying on the left coast. Today’s game is an 8:20 game and it follows light snow with cold rain. Prime football weather in New England! I love watching games in open stadiums this time of year. It’s what football was and should be in my opinion.

The 49ers are one of the NFC’s best teams. They come to us with a new starting QB who adds a dynamic that their former starter did not. They are coached by a former QB, Jim Harbaugh, who I admired for his moxie back when he was a Colt. As a head coach he’s done wonders for the 49ers program in only his second year.

Our guys are still young and improving. The stats this year say lots of things but, like when we play the Fins, this is a game where I throw all stats out the window and begin to get nervous. Like any game, the line play is the key to everything and I hope this is more of a game like the last one with the Texans where we manage their great pass rushers well. Time will tell but I’m hoping our guys maintain their focus and bring another W home. On my wish list today as well is a W for the Ravens, a L for the Broncos and a L for the Texans. One can hope right?

So with snow upon us I have one priority in mind – Brats for the game. Grilling in light snow is a wonderful experience. Here’s how I do it:

- Brat’s -
Cut up one yellow onion, a quarter red onion and a yellow pepper. Take an appropriately sized stock pot and fill with onions and Hop Session Ale. Bring to a boil, add the brats and reduce to a simmer. Simmer for about 15 minutes and remove brats. Transfer the onions and beer stock to a larger frying pan. Pour the liquid so that it just supports the onions but does not cover them in bottom of the pan. Add the peppers and bring them up to a simmer again. We want the peppers soft and flavored with the onions but not so soft that they fall apart. Be sure not to use so much heat that the veggies burn. Add a touch of olive oil if necessary.

Back to the brats! Grill till they brown and remove. Don’t over do it as the simmering above helps cook them. This step is a finishing process only. Take a bun (bonus points for going with a thick cut sourdough slab rolled in half as a bun), add a good mustard (we like spicy brown with seeds showing in the mustard), a brat and liberal application of onions and peppers.

I’m going to enjoy my brat with a some Hop Session Ale. Hops, brats, mustard, peppers and onions = football perfection. I’ll be diving into a Tavern Ale for the Pats game later tonight. Hope you eat well and enjoy the games today!


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