Week 04 – Fall Falcon bound Pats

So it’s week 4 already.  Our Pats are 3-0 and this despite every pundit talking about our lack of receiving options.  While we watch Peyton working at a whole new level of regular season success, I go back to the winning super bowl years and our receivers then were a steady blue collar group that just got the job done.  I’m going to stick with the notion that it’s the playoffs that matter and we’re just getting things sorted out till we get there.

That brings us to the Falcons.  A team on the cusp of the big game last year.  Supposed to be a contender for it all again this year.  Injuries, inconsistency and don’t blink now but they are 1-2.  They may have their best receivers back from injury but a team getting desperate is always dangerous.  Our D is going to be really tested by the Falcons.  I’ll call this one a nail bitter but in an indoor arena I think we’ll come out with a W.

So what’s on deck for today’s TGIFS food?  Two words – Apple Pie


I live in New Hampshire.  It’s an awesome state and let’s face it, at this time of year nothing beats going and picking your own apples.  We went to Mack’s Apples to get a bushel of fresh apples.  A mix of Macintosh and Cortlands came home.  I will admit I’m not the cook here.  My wife is.  She turned a small pile of apples into the picture above.  I don’t have the recipe as she’s keeping it a secret.  So I’ll tell you to go to Mack’s or a similar farmstand and buy a ready made pie there.  Our friends at the Beerkery also make a mean apple pie.

Since I don’t have to cook or bake and it’s an 8:30 game tonight I’m heading out to enjoy the fall season today.  I’ll come home to a great slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream and a Nyx.  Yes a Nyx goes soo well with desert it’s almost criminal.  I hope you enjoy this weeks easy to replicate recipe suggestion with a great beer, friends and football.


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