Week 05 – we’re at Cinncinatti

This weeks TGIFS blog finds our Pats headed to Cinncinatti.  We’re 4-0 and Cincy is 2-2.  What does that mean?  A total of 8?  NO.  Wait.  It means 6-2.  Yeah, it means nothing but two teams doing some good and less than good things and the season is still early unless you’re the Jags but I digress.

We have had Gronk sightings but it looks like he’s still out this week.  I’m fine with that.  We’re finding ways to win and sometimes win ugly.  I’m most concerned that last weeks game left us with a set of injuries that will finally cause us a L.  I like Vince’s point that it’s a tough game and he knows the risks but it still sucks to loose the big man.  I am really glad that Dobson did not suffer a more serious neck injury last week.  That was a scary hit.  I’m going to hope for an injury free game on both sides but that Cincy keeps up it’s turnover prone ways one more week.

So what’s the plan for food and beer?  Glad you asked.  In honor of the weather up here and our upcoming release It’s beef jerky and Maple Leaf Porter!  I got my hands on an American Harvest Snackmaster Dehydrator to play with.  I’ve been testing some beef jerky ideas.  This one is tasty!


Beef Jerky

  • 1/2 bottle of Maple Leaf Porter
  • 1lb of thin sliced steak from the grocery store trimmed of any fat.
  • 1/8th cup of real maple syrup.  NONE of that flavored corn syrup crap.
  • a few shakes of dried crushed hot peppers.

Slice the steak into 1 inch widths and put in a sealable container.  Add beer, syrup and hot peppers.  Cover and shake to mix.  Put in fridge for 24 hours to marinate.  Layer in the middle of the dehydrator and dehydrate for 7 hours.  It may take more or less time with your machine.  Check at 6.5 hours and see if it’s what you like or not.  Tough job I know.

Sweet, a little heat and high in protein.  That’s how I justify a damn tasty treat.  The rest of the Maple Leaf Porter is mine to drink as the chef.  I know this beer is not for sale as of this writing so a Nyx will work well too.  Just double the syrup ratio and you’re there.

Hope you enjoy this simple and tasty recipe.


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