week 09 – steel reserves

So week nine finds yesterday’s balmy weather replaced by overcast, cold and up here in Hooksett a few stray flakes of snow.  The Steelers are coming to town and any assumptions of the game from last year are at this point mostly irrelevant.  The Steelers are 2-5 and coming off of an amazing array of injuries and missed opportunities.  They fired our former punter Mesko (also having a bad year for them) who we used to love up here and their receiver that we almost signed has been invisible too.

What does that mean for us today?  Nothing.  Rivalries are a crap shoot and this has been a fierce rivalry for years.  Maybe not Steelers vs Ravens bad but kinda close.  Big Ben is healthy and as hard to sack as ever.  We’ve had yet another key defensive player go on the IR.  Heck, even Brady’s swollen hand was the talk earlier this week.

SO in summary, it’s just win UGLY!  Yes, I think we can win and yes I think it will be ugly in unpredictable ways.  On the plus side I’ll be rolling out some great grub to make sure that my nerves can be pacified by some great comfort food and of course beer.

Food – chicken kabobs!

2 chicken breasts cubed – important! keep the sizes of the cubes similar
1 red pepper cut into large quarter pieces
1 yellow onion quartered
1 fresh pineapple – cubed – sensing a trend here?
Real Italian dressing – no fat free stuff here

Marinate the chicken cubes for 4 hours minimum in the dressing.  Assemble the skewers.  I start my kabobs with chicken and then work down the list with chicken in the middle and at the end.  I have metal skewers but the grocery store has cheap bamboo ones that work just fine too.

Grill at 35-400 degrees for 8 minutes, flip and then cook for 8 minutes more.  Check the middle piece of chicken for temp to see if done.  If you don’t have a temp probe cut the chicken open and inspect.  Should be white and have clear juice.  If it’s pink and red juice then it needs more time.  If you don’t have a grill then these can be broiled as well.

Serve with a side of rice.  I like Zataran’s dirty rice as its easy and a tasty compliment to this kabob recipe.  The beer of choice for today is Maple Leaf Porter.

Hope you enjoy today’s game with great food, beer and of course friends.




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