Week 11 – MNF the Sunday edition

Week 11 finds us being featured on a Monday night game at Charlotte.  Monday night or Thursday night games are favorites of mine.  Gives me an excuse to be groggy at work the next day and it extends my football watching beyond Sunday.  Unless our Pats are playing I don’t bother with Monday or Thursday games.

So our guys are rested and coming of a performance of historic proportions against the Steelers.  Carolina is coming off a defensive throwback classic against the 49ers.  The Panthers have a crushing D, a good QB finally not making mistakes and a good offensive line.  We have injuries, rookies, Brady and Belichick.  We also have a team finding ways to respond to adversity and win.  Oh and Gronk, Vareen and Amendola may all be on the field at the same time for the first time this year.  So what’s it all mean?  I’m going to say it means an ugly game and a W.  The kind of W that instills heartburn to watch.  I’ll still be watching but I expect it’ll be tough.

So, since it’s a MNF game what’s the food plan?  Well for today being Sunday I’m declaring it a small business Sunday.  I’m going to patronize some local businesses that support White Birch and enjoy the growing scene of great restaurants pouring White Birch.  Not sure where to go for a pint?  Check out our locator for some great choices.   We’ve put Rudy to the task of inputting all the sales reports so our locator is the best it’s been in a year.

What will I be doing on Monday?  I see a pile of pretzels, some mustard dipping sauces and a bottle or two of Belgian Style Pale ale in my future.  I might get crazy and make a queso dip (salsa and velveeta) but then again I might just relax, put my feet up and take the easy route.

Whatever your choice, I hope you enjoy the day today with football, family, friends and of course great beer.  If you choose to enjoy at a place serving White Birch today then by all means tell them Bill sent you.



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