Week 12 – Brady vs Manning

Week 12 is here.   It’s Brady vs. Manning in Foxboro for an 8:30 game.  Weather is 21 degrees with a windchill that feels like 5 degrees.  I love outdoor football in New England winters.  From home that is.  I can’t imagine being out there with bare arms and hands let alone trying to catch the speeding bullets these guys throw.  I”m no expert but those footballs turn rock hard in the cold.

Much has been written about today’s game.  Historical records, McDaniels, Welker, Tebow, etc.  I think all of that amounts to nothing.  I think Manning’s shown he can play in the cold.  Look to last years championship game versus the Ravens.  We’ve got rookies, we’ve got undrafted free agents (why not just say undrafted rookies?) and we’ve got a who’s who of players on the IR.  Why do I think we have a chance then?  Well, I think this team is learning resiliency.  We’re not supposed to have an average points per game this high.  We’re not supposed to be middle of the pack in the statistical defensive rankings.

We came close to winning ugly last week.  I think we can do the same this week.  A couple of things go our way today and we can win.  I don’t care about all the so called experts and their picks.  I’m rooting for our Pats today and I’ll be watching for Welker to cough up one or two key catches today.

So today’s game food is…..

Chips, pretzels and queso

Yup, I’m going simple, tasty and better than I want to admit.    Here’s the skinny

Half a bar of velveeta cut into one inch cubes.
Your choice of salsa, green chillis, diced jalapenoes or picante

Heat the cheese on low in a large saucepan.  When melted add your choice from above.  How much?  Taste test it.  Start with a quarter cup and add more if you want more.  It’s that easy.  Like it?  Put it in a bowl and grab your chips.

My beer for the night?  It’s evening and I love a Tavern ale in the evening this time of year.  So I’m doubly happy that it works great with this queso as well.  Hope you enjoy the game with great beer, friends and family today.



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