Week 14 – The Browns come to the Razor

Week 14 finds us with a record of 9-3, ranked second only to Denver in the AFC standings.  Not bad for a team all the preseason pundits railed against for our offseason moves.  It’s interesting as the NFL has turned into a 24/7/365 coverage league how hope springs eternal and then the disaster watch begins.  A random sampling of this weeks news shows us:

1.  That the Bucs locker room didn’t implode so it’s a team not longer talked about.
2.  Mathematically there is a scenario so that the Jaguars (seasons first half implosion leaders) could still be a wild card team.
3.  Rex Ryan has been on the hot seat watch, pronounced the second coming of Rex and then put back on the hot seat coaching watch.
4.  The Texans know how to properly implode.
5.  Manning has been in both a Ron Burgundy promotional interview and in a feature story claiming he’s the same QB  in cold weather as in warm weather.

There’s more of course but it’s fascinating how each week a headline / perspective is manufactured and it doesn’t matter what the three week continuity of the message is.  Heck, doesn’t even matter what the two day continuity of the message is.  It’s what can I say today to stay as an expert.

Why the preamble this week?  I suppose it’s a combination of college prospects being talked about more (off season pipe dreaming anyone?), the press manufactured bylines continuing to fail and for all the pomp and circumstance of the NFL, our team still gets no respect.

I’m OK with the mainstream sports media giving us no respect.  This weeks game is not considered a premier game so it’s not getting any attention except for from us.  I kinda like the underdog, underground vibe.  Our team continues to gel and the next man up philosophy continues to pay off.  Don’t believe it?  Check out how many teams are crumbling apart due to injuries.  This year there are an abnormally high number of them.

So what’s the plan today?  Well, today is for me a very busy day.  It starts before noon and won’t end till much later tonight.  So I won’t be cooking today.  In fact, I would suggest today as a great day to support your local favorite businesses.  Order a White Birch on tap at the bar / restaurant, get some premium cuts from the local butcher, order that extra item you always debate about but don’t usually buy.

Basically, enjoy yourself.  And the game.  Even though the Herlicka kitchen is closed today, I know I’ll be enjoying myself.  I’ve also strategically managed to ensure that my afternoon out activities will be in a location where I’ve got a big screen TV, friends, lots of beer, food and the Pats game on.

I hope you enjoy today’s games with friends, family, food and of course great beer!  Let’s make up for the national press and root our Pats on to another win.



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