Week 17 – Pats host the Bills

Week 17.  Wow.  I can’t remember a year where so many teams can’t seem to step up and grab a playoff spot.  I mean, Seahawks winning the division at 7-9 a few years ago was one thing but seriously, 17 teams with mind numbing tie breaker scenarios for a few spots.  I guess it’s parity or I’d say mediocrity.  Either way it says to me the divide between haves and have nots has grown wider, not narrower in the NFL.  Those that want an expanded playoff system?  All I can say is are you kidding me?  Until two weeks ago the Jaguars had a mathematical scenario where they could get in.  The Jags!  In all due respect to the rebuilding program under their first year coach, that is not the quality playoff game I want to see.

So, coming back to today.  We had trouble with the Bills early on in the year.  Their backup QB was named starter for today, but he was the starter who beat the Fins.  The Fins who beat us.  We’ve had trouble all year winning with a commanding lead.  So what does it all mean?  I think it means we’ll have another game where we run hard, come up with some key plays and pull off a W.  I expect some ugly during process but that seems to  be the story of the season.

Please don’t take the above as complaining.  We’re the #2 seed in the playoffs and while remote, there is a 2% chance we can be the #1 seed.  Wouldn’t that be a party!  #1 seed, playoffs coming through Gillette and a bunch of experts getting served a feast of crow.  Ok, frankly I think a bunch of sports writing experts deserve some crow for all the crap heaped upon New England this year but it won’t happen.  We’ve become that respected but cheered against team.

So what’s the food plan today?  Well, glad you asked.  I had a different menu in mind until I went to the store and found two huge slabs of beef ribs on sale at $1 a pound.  Out went my plans and in went my pile of ribs.  So, today’s menu is ribs round 2, queso and home fries.  Read on for the details.

The full process is detailed here.  In place of the cayenne dry rub though I’m going to be using some Indian Masala meat seasoning.  I’ve found that rubbing the fat side of the meat with a Masala seasoning creates a savory curry undertone with the hickory bbq sauce.

Home Fries

  • 1 potato
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon of corn starch

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Cut a potato into thin slices.  I happen to have a fry slicer that makes this easy.  Microwave for three minutes on high.  Mix the corn starch into the olive oil.  Put the fries on an oven safe pan.  I use a stoneware cookie sheet.  Brush on the olive oil mixture.  Bake for 23 minutes.

Half a bar of velveeta cut into one inch cubes.
Your choice of salsa, green chillis, diced jalapenoes or picante

Heat the cheese on low in a large saucepan.  When melted add your choice from above.  How much?  Taste test it.  Start with a quarter cup and add more if you want more.  It’s that easy.  Like it?  Put it in a bowl and grab your chips or pour over your home fries.  Trust me on the fries, it works too well.

I’ll be working the game with my trusty Belgian Style Pale ale.  If you’ve followed me for any time you know by now it’s a game day favorite.  So here’s hoping you enjoy today’s games with friends, family, food and of course great beer.



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