Week 06 – Saints come marching in

Week six is upon us.  This week finds our Pats coming off a low scoring tough loss.  I liked the defensive effort but I did not like how our offensive line handled the Bengals rush last week.  I would not want to be the OL when Dante got hold of them on Monday.

The experts all are picking against our Pats.  It looks like another week of no Gronk.  It’s a home game and the weather is nice, not rainy or cold.  Most think that benefits the dome team, I think it benefits our new receivers too.  If we get our act together on the OL and DL then I think we’ve got every chance to win.  A pissed off Brady goes a long way too.  I assume he’s pissed about how the last weeks game went.  I’m optimistically picking a W here at home.

So what’s the food and beer plan?  Glad you asked.  For today’s game I’m doing a grilled buffalo chicken pizza and some Belgian Style Pale ale.


Prepare the dough (previously detailed here) and let proof.  Once proofed refrigerate for a couple of hours.  This will help it survive the grill.  I’m going to forego the regular pizza sauce and do this one up a little different.  To top the pizza I am using the following ingredients:

  • Red Onion – 1/8th cup of diced red onion – more or less depending on what you prefer
  • Tomatoes – 3 or 4 tomatoes sliced thin and then cut into quarters.  These will be in place of tomato sauce
  • Diced chicken – cook a chicken breast and cut into 1/4 inch cubes or around that size.  Shredded is fine too.
  • Buffalo Sauce – Yup, it’s time for the Franks Red Hot Buffalo sauce!!!!
  • Cheese – shredded mozzerella – 2 cups
  • Bonus – pineapple.  Pineapple?  HELL YEAH.  It works.
  • Bonus Bonus – bacon.  Fry up some bacon, dice into small pieces and layer on top of the cheese.  Mmmmmm

Roll out the cold dough and put on the grill.  In about 5-7 minutes it should be cooked enough to flip.  Flip and then layer with topings.  Brush on the hot sauce.   Liberally for me.  place tomatoes and chicken across the sauce.  Cover with cheese and then add pineapple.  Grill for about 20 minutes depending on your grill.  The cheese should be melted with a slight golden tint around the edges.

I’ll be enjoying my pizza with a Belgian Style Pale ale.  I hope you enjoy this weeks football food and beer combo.


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