Going to California with an ache in my heart

Bonus points if you know where the lead in line comes from. We lost at Green Bay. Tough opponent, tough home stadium. It was one of those painfully close games. Our boys left WI and went to CA to practice for the week. Now we face the Chargers. Out of the pan and into the fire. SD has had a lot of injuries but last week they regained their mojo with a tough win in Baltimore. What will transpire tonight? No idea… I’m hoping Rivers reverts to his turnover ways as he faces our new D. I hope that having Blount and Siliga will be the pieces that finishes the puzzle this weekend. That and a more balanced rush to pass attack.

Since it’s a late game I’m taking the family to the museum of science in Boston today. There are some cool displays, a triceratops fossil and if my kids can handle it a cool IMAX video. It is a vertigo inducing stadium if you’ve never been but the visuals are epic. Since the day involves being out I’m going simple today for food. I’ve got marinated chicken breasts from the local butcher – Olde Tyme butcher – so that if the kids are too worn out to eat in Boston I can throw these on the grill when I get home. If we do eat out then I’m set for lunch at the brewery tomorrow. Love having a grill at work.

Since it’s a late game I’m going to work on some new beers, starting sour and ending with my 5th Anniversary beer.
It’s been quite a run and we’re just getting started. In my case tomorrow night I’ll be finishing epic, regardless of the game.

Hope you enjoy this weeks games with friends, family, good food and great beer.



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