TGIFS – Week 11 and we travel to Indy

This week finds us in Indy playing the pesky Colts.  There’s no getting around this team.  Solid QB, solid supporting cast and strong home crowd.  With 2 weeks to get ready I think this evenings game is going to be a hard fought offensive contest.  I’m rooting for a W (ugly is fine) and no injuries.  Maybe we’ll see continued growth from recievers LaFell and Amendola too.  Dobson?  Not so much.

Since our Pats play at 8:30 I will be starting my day with the battle of the former Brady backups – Browns vs. Texans.  While I’d like to see both do well, I’m rooting big time for Hoyer and the Browns.  Let’s see Hoyer sustain this year of solid QB play and the Browns find some lasting stability at the QB position.  That heralded rookie “money sign” Manziel stays on the bench is fun fodder too……

So what’s the food for today?  Today is going to be amazing!

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I started by making a brisket in the crock pot yesterday (8 hours on low setting).  This brisket is from Little Brook Farm.  I have been working with this farm for a couple of months now.  They take my spent grain and incorporate it into their feed program.  Darren hooked me up with a brisket earlier this week and I have to say it’s the best brisket I’ve ever bought.  Hands down I’m blown away.  The beef melts in your mouth, it’s soo good.

Today I’ll be taking day two brisket, putting it on a slice of bread, adding a slab of cheddar, toasting in the oven at 350 till the cheese is melted, topping with bbq sauce and these killer hot & sweet pickles and then enjoying.  I’m going to shoot for sandwich vs open faced but either way I am going to love lunch.  A bottle of Nyx to compliment the whole affair and this afternoon’s game is going to rock!

I hope you enjoy today’s games with friends, family, good food and of course great beer.



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