Week 06 We travel to Buffalo and Sandwich NH – it’ll make sense

Week 6.  A resounding win at home in week 5 showed our team has talent.  Then our center gets a concussion in practice on Thursday and Tom roles his ankle in practice on Friday.  I’m guessing this means we’re practicing like a serious team to quote the Jets (ha).

Kyle Orton has come back from retirement and showed he has some skills still in last weeks improbable win.  Watkins looks amazing.  The D is solid.  Boy will this be a tough game. I think we have the better skill players on offense as compared to the Bills.  It’ll be a tough game but I think a rusty Orton will make a couple of more mistakes than a hobbled Brady will and Watkins hasn’t played Revis yet.  A tough ugly win for our boys is what I’ll be rooting for.

As for the food portion of this weeks blog…..  Well, I’ll be listening to the game while I drive to the Sandwich Fair in Sandwich NH.  It’s a beautiful Sunday and who knows how many of these we’re going to get as winter comes ever so closer.  I’ll be sharing fried dough with the family, you know one for me, one for them :-) , and I’ll be looking for the best smelling sausage peppers and onions sub or smoked turkey leg for lunch.

I’ll have a recipe and pics for next weeks TGIFS I promise.  Once home later today I’ll be enjoying a side by side comparison of my Sticke Ale and my growler of Sticke Ale from Schilling Beer Co.  That should see me solidly through the 8pm game tonight.

Hope you enjoy today’s games with friends, family, good food and of course great beer.



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