Week 1 Pats at Miami

Week one!  It’s time for some football.  What an offseason too.  We lost our best corner only to get an even better corner with Revis.  Gronk say’s he’s ready to go all out, Coach says he’s glad he feels that way but they’ll do what’s best for the team.  Mankins was traded.  Inconceivable at one time but there it is.  Big Vince is back from injury as is Mayo.  Brady has announced he’ll play till he sucks and he doesn’t plan to suck any time soon.  Peyton says “ME TOO” since he didn’t come up with it first.

Wow.  Let’s get it on the field already.  Miami has had their own offseason of change and regardless of all of their good and bad, here we come.

So, with all that said what’s on the menu for week one right?  Glad you asked.  I’ll be doing home made pizza for the game.  Here’s the link for the dough, the eagle eyed will note it’s from 2011.  Time flies doesn’t it?

Here’s the rest of the pizza process:

1 chicken breast
smoked paprika
dried crushed jalapeno
mozzarella – block version for me.  Prepackaged shredded is verbotten.
1 yellow onion
2 plum tomatoes or other fresh tomato
6 strips bacon
Pesto – for convenience I use the jar store version.
Pizza sauce

Cook the chicken with a little olive oil.  I like to get it almost all the way cooked prior to putting on the pizza.  I’ve found in the past that chicken doesn’t always like to cook properly under the cheese.

For my pizza I’ll start with a tablespoon of pizza sauce then add diced tomatoes.  On top of this is the diced onion, chopped bacon, chopped chicken, a cup and a half of shredded cheese and then a handful of pepperoni.

Bake for a half hour and let cool for about 10 minutes.  Slice up and enjoy.  I’ll be enjoying mine with a blueberry berliner weisse.  Hope you enjoy this weekends games with friends, family, tasty food and of course great beer.




Why no more shredded cheese from the grocery store?  Well it is convenient but I made the mistake of reading the ingredients.  Cheese is cheese right?  NOPE.  I’ve given up anti-caking whatever it is stuff.  It’s a few minutes to grate cheese but I find I like it even better now to cook with.



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