Week 15 and the Fins come to town

A balmy day in New England for a week 15 rematch against the fins in foxborough. Kinda would’ve liked sleet or bitter cold but hey a late season rematch at home with home field advantage in the playoffs looming is a nice alternative. While I posted in the first game about how we struggle in FL, at home I feel it’s a different story. Coach has pushed the team forward in so many areas and so many ways it’s worthy of a much longer write up. Suffice to say the ugly win in SD has me feeling good. No guarantees of a pretty win today either but at home I like our chances. I’ll call this one a tough running game with a sharp passing attack that leads to a win.

So what’s the food for today? Great question.

Grilled sausage, peppers and onions on a fresh bakery roll

So as you can see from the picture above I got some greek and hot sausages from my farmer at Little Brook Farms. I had the sweet italian sausage yesterday and it was tasty indeed. I’ll warm these up in a covered pan till thawed fully and then put the finish sear on the grill. The peppers will be red and green, cut in 1/2 inch strips. The onions will be cut into similar width wedges. Veggies will be grilled till semi soft with a little char on them. Enjoy as is, with olive oil, brown mustard or your favorite bbq sauce. Mmmmmmm

I’ll be enjoying my hot sausage, pepper and onion sub with brown mustard and a DIPA. Hope you enjoy today’s games with friends, family, good food and of course a great beer.



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