Week 16 Pats at Jets

Week 16 and the saturday games were something else. Whether you like the outcomes or not, it goes to show that any given sunday in the NFL anything can happen.

Going to NJ is like going to Miami in my mind. It’s a tough game on the road and it never seems to matter the host teams record, we’re going to get their best. Today I expect no less than the Jets best. Rumor has it Percy Harvin’s sprained ankle is still giving him trouble. Of course our Edelman is out (time for Amendola to step up!) which throws a wrinkle in our day. That said, I liked the tandem of Blount and Grey last week. I hope today we find another ball control, Jets turnover kind of day and a solid W.

So what’s the dish of the day today? Well, glad you asked. Today it’s a dish called convenience. Family holiday party is calling so I’m going to watch the first quarter and then listen to the second quarter on the radio. Food will be courtesy of my hosts today. Not enough time today to really get into the cooking spirit. I do however plan to have a 5th Anniversary tonight and I hope it’s to celebrate a solid W.

If you’re enjoying the game I hope it’s with family, friends, good food and of course great beer!



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