Week 5 – We host Cincy and a smaller bandwagon

Did you notice it?   The bandwagon has gotten lighter this week.  It’s fine by me.  I’m not the longest supporting fan, I’ve met Boston Patriots season ticket holders before, but I do remember watching Grogan thinking wow, what a play.  How does he keep getting up?  AKA his final years.  I don’t think Brady is done.  He doesn’t have that look that I’ve seen on so many long tenured, beaten up, should have retired last year quarterbacks.

Here’s a good article if you’re feeling down on our Pats.  I think Cincy will be a good measuring stick.  Can we beat a quality opponent (seriously, after decades Cincy is a quality opponent and I really wrote that) but more importantly can this assembly of very talented players start working together.  That to me is the truest question and the answer to whether we’ll be able to do anything in the post season.  I’m going to say yes they will come together and tonight is going to be the start.

So what’s the grub?  I’ll be firing up the BBQ and having dinner before the game.  During the game it’ll be a Nyx night.

BBQ – Chicken thighs
2lbs of chicken thighs
dried crushed jalapeno

Grilled Potatoes
2 large potatoes
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 large onion
Parmesan cheese

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Start with the potatoes.  Slice into thin wafers, think less than 1/4 inch,  keep the layers in the potato shape.  Lay in a long line in the middle of a large piece of aluminum foil.  layer with onions and then slather with a liberal helping of parmesan cheese.  Wrap into a tight roll and crimp the foil at the top of the potato.  This will keep the oil and steam in.  Place on the grill using medium burners.  This will take about an hour.  The finished potatoes will fall apart softly with a fork.

At 45 minutes left place the corn on the grill in the husks.  Some people put some water in the husk but I just place it as is.

With 30 minutes left lower the heat to 250-300 degrees if you have a thermometer.  Sprinkle the cumin and jalapeno powders on the meat side of the chicken thigh.  Put the skin side up and place on the grill.  Watch for flare ups.  Turn at 15 minutes.  At 30 pull the chicken.  You know it’s done when the drippings are running clear.  If it still looks like there may be blood in the drippings it’s not cooked.  Please make sure the chicken is cooked  all the way through.  If you’ve never tried this, this is amazingly addictive chicken.  You’ll be over full and still wanting more chicken.  That’s how good this comes out.

So I don’t expect tonight’s game to be pretty.  I do however expect it to be a competitive win with real improvements in all three phases of the game.  I’ll be full from a real tasty dinner that I will enjoy with a collaboration Sticke Ale.  For the game I’ll switch to something darker and be drinking a Nyx.

I hope you enjoy today’s games with friends, family, good food and of course great beer.




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