Distributor Information

If you own or run an establishment that would like to carry White Birch beers, please contact the following people for more information. Please note that each of these people are responsible for the areas listed below only:

  • New Hampshire: Craft Beer Guild of New Hampshire
    Troy Dickson or (603) 319-8508
  • Massachusetts: Atlantic Importing Company
    Adam Burnham or (508) 665-4272
  • Maine: Mariner Beverages
    Timothy Wissemann or (207) 699-2939
  • New York: Union Beer Distributors
    Robert Hodson or (718) 497-2407
  • Virginia/D.C.: Hop & Wine Beverage
    Zack Hill or 703-421-2337 ext 114
  • Minnesota: Clear River Beverage Co
    Bill Huth or 612-616-4142
  • Maryland/Delaware: Prestige Beverage Group
    Alex Thompson or (410) 439-1602
  • Ohio: 17th Star Distributing Co.
    Pat Lombardi 614-679-2764
  • Michigan: Henry A. Fox Sales Co.
    Steve Smith (616) 226-2242
  • Connecticut: Drinx Unlimited.
    Mike Walsh (203) 851-5666
  • Rhode Island: Craft Beer Guild Rhode Island.
    Dave Cummings 401-732-2337
  • Pennsylvania: Nevulis Beverages
    Nikki Nevulis 610-769-015
  • New Jersey: Black River Traders, LLc
  • Robbie Thompson 973-927-7474 x 244

If we aren’t available in your area and you wish we were, you can email Bill Herlicka at White Birch Brewing or call (603) 244-8593

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