Date codes, our lineup and general guidelines for our products

As a beer enthusiast I always appreciated brewers putting a date code on their products.  Whether it was a born on date or a best by date, it helped me as a consumer decide on my purchase

As a business owner and brewer it was equally important that we have date codes on our products.  I chose packaged date for our coding system as I felt it was simple to determine and easy as a customer to know how long a product had been in market.

As we’ve moved from bottled product to cans there was a transition period where we packaged both.  The hard and fast expiration dates are as follows for bombers:

Best within six months of bottling.  These beers can be consumed up to a year after packaging but the hop aromas decline after six months.
Double IPA
Hop Session
Small Batch Passionfruit IPA
Hooksett Ale
Anniversary 6 ale

Best within 2 years of bottling but on occasion age longer well.
Everything else.  Over the history of White Birch brewing, our lineup is filled with Belgian Style ales, Sour beers, Oak aged beers, Dark beers, barley wine ales and high abv one off beers.  These beers were released when I felt they were ready and having had many of them at 1, 2 and more years old find they have often developed some great aged flavors.

If you have a question regarding any beer please feel free to reach out to us at  We’re happy to answer any questions that customers and or retailers have.

For our lineup and historical notes please click here

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