Cherry Quad

We buy the best fresh cherries we can get locally and spontaneously ferment the cherries starting in August. After a couple of months or so, we take the cherries and surviving wild yeasts and add them to our Quad. The mix of Quad, house yeast and cherries make for a rich, sweet, and lightly tart cherry flavor. It has a medium light body and soft carbonation. Made once per year.

Starting in 2011 we have dubbed this our OLS Special Edition in honor of our friends Ovid and Laura Slavin. A great couple with a zest for life, learning, foods, beer and friendships. Ovid taught me his mother’s recipe to ferment cherries which I have incorporated into my Quad. By my best guess, this process which comes from a small village in Romania is around one hundred years old or older. Ovid would pour me a drink and relate fond memories of his mother’s creations, but he did not have any idea how far back the recipe goes. Ovid and Laura have passed away, but they are still here in great memories I have and a traditional recipe I continue to make. I hope you enjoy this taste of old and new traditions.

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