Holiday Ale

Each year we offer our Holiday Ale with a customizable To and From on the label. In the past, people have gotten pretty creative with their messages. We’ve had a couple of bottles come from Santa, The Best Wife Ever and Our Most Handsome Fan!

To celebrate the 2011 holidays, we offered a choice of Belgian Style Pale Ale, Tavern Ale, Barley Wine Ale or Hooksett Ale. 

To celebrate the 2010 holidays, we made a special batch of our Belgian Style Pale Ale. This was the first batch of Belgian Style Pale bottled from our new seven barrel brewhouse! By special request, a few bottles were of our Indulgence Ale.

To celebrate the 2009 holidays, we made a special batch of our Tripel. We used a new Pilsner malt and also changed the hops to help profile the softer malt flavors and aromas.

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