Wild Ale

Our Wild Ale is different from batch to batch and released spontaneously. We have several different batches aging at the brewery. Some in Bourbon or wine barrels, others in stainless or on oak chips. Some are being fermented using a single strain culture, others with a blend. No matter the batch, we age our Wild Ales at the brewery until the flavors and aromas we desire are achieved. This can often take several months to years.

Batch SNHBF 2012 - released 8/31/12

A Barrel Aged Wild Golden Ale, 9.5% abv, that was aged for over a year in one of our first barrels. This strong Golden Ale is quintessential White Birch. Tart, but on the whole tasty, our barrelled offering will surprise you with chardonnay grape notes and an assertive bourbon nose.

Batch SNHBFreleased 7/2011

First sampled at the 2011 Southern NH Brewers Festival where we served it directly off the barrel. We were able to get a few hundred bottles from what was left after everyone enjoyed it at the fest. This batch was barrel aged for over a year in a Merlot barrel from California.

Batch Onereleased 10/2009

Our first batch of Wild Ale was a festival only release at the 2009 Night of the Funk in Boston, MA. Aged on oak chips and the second generation of two strains of brettanomyces. Each strain of brettanomyces was selected for contributions to flavor and aroma while maintaining a low acidity in the finished beer. Notes of dark fruits, grape skins, vanilla, chardonnay and oak mix with a hint of cherry tartness. Velvety, medium carbonation deliver a balanced refreshing drink that the base Belgian yeasts can not create on their own.

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