Growler Policy

growlerAs a brewery only feature, we offer fresh filled growlers of one to three styles of our beer on a rotating basis. We charge $8 for the glass and $10 or $15 for the beer. We have a frequent buyer reward program as well. If you buy 8 growler fills, the ninth one is on us. We will only fill our White Birch Brewing branded growlers.

We often get questions as to how this process works so here’s our most common questions:

Why can’t you fill other breweries or unbranded growlers?
Some people have a lot of growlers at home and just don’t want one more. Some people have gone out and bought a really cool unbranded growler and just want to use it.

The answer is NH is a liquor control state. What this means is that our laws are a little more strict than in some other states. When we decided to open a retail store and sell growlers, the liquor commission explained to us that we could only fill our beer in a growler that has our federal TTB and state approved label on it. To do otherwise could lead to fines and or the loss of our ability to sell retail onsite.

The other reason we only fill White Birch branded growlers is to help with quality control. It is our policy to swap each customer’s growler every time they fill it with one that was cleaned by our staff to our specifications. This helps insures the best tasting and highest quality beer you can reasonable get from a growler.

Cant you just put a White Birch sticker on my growler and fill it?
The short answer is no, please see above for the long one.

How do I get my deposit back?
When you pay for the glass the growler is yours to own. We do not sell on a deposit and return basis.

What if I loose my refill card?
Trick question! We keep your refill card in our rolodex at the brewery. It’s low tech and simple but it’s here safe and waiting for you. We want you to reach your goal of a free growler and as long as you and your White Birch growler get to the brewery we’ll take care of the rest.

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