Keg Purchasing Program

We are happy to announce the launch of our Keg Purchasing Program for the public. Up until this point, we only offered kegs to bars and restaurants, but now they are available to the general public too.

So how much does a keg cost?

We are offering kegs of Belgian Style Pale ale, Hop Session and Berliner Weisse at $75 a keg plus a $30 deposit. We may expand to seasonal kegs or higher abv style kegs in the future but for now we’re going to focus on these three styles. If you want to make sure we will have a keg for you when you plan to visit the brewery, please feel free to email us at to put in a reservation.

What size kegs are available and how much beer is that?
At this time, we are offering 1/6 barrel kegs also known as logs or 5.16 gallon standard American sanke kegs. Each keg is good for approximately fifty-five 12 oz servings.

Do you have all the equipment I need to serve the beer?
We do not have any keg serving equipment to loan or rent. You must be self sufficient or have other plans to serve the beer. We recommend the following local businesses for supplies:

When I’m done with it, what should I do next?
Bring it back to us for a store credit or a swap to the next keg.

A few things to note…
Please be ready with a credit card and drivers license for the fun Keg Checkout Paperwork (NOTE: This will last up to 15 minutes for new customers!) We know it’s a pain but it must be done!

Our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized so it should be stored in a cool place before serving. So if it’s below 20 degrees outside or it’s over 50 degrees please know that your car is not the place to leave your beer for hours. Enclosed cars quickly change temperature and that will impact your beer in a negative way. Our beer is stored cool till sold and will be fine if you’re running errands on the way home.

If you have any more questions please email, call (603-206-5260) or stop by the brewery.

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